Life at the end of the road

January 22, 2008

Wholemeal organic water

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Well it’s tuesday again and half of my tuesdays are better than half of my sundays which probably does not make allot of sense to those who don’t know me. This particular tuesday is the day I finish work for a week or should I say the day I finish working on the ferry for a week cos I’m not really the relaxing type.  Next tuesday is not my favourite tuesday cos it’s the tuesday before the wednesday that I start work! Any way it started out like most ferry days with an early drive down ‘Calum’s road’ towing my wee trailer that I usually fill with rock for my road, though today I was collecting a barrel of diesel for the generator. Having lived in mad places since 1985 and having burned thousands of gallons of diesel, kerrosene and petrol over the years I am very good at moving barrels! and would rather move them on my own than with help, although now with our wind turbine we only use about 10% of the diesel we used 3 years ago. Arriving at work and doing all the usual boaty stuff during the morning at lunchI popped along to see my mate Willy and check up on the progress of the polytunnel.


As you can see the pipe has been put over the fence posts, unfortunately I missed the trial fitting of the hoops but here’s Willie’s plan to give you an idea of the way it will look.


And here are some more of the excellent joints


The white things are paper templates stuck on with ‘pritt sticks’


Unfortunately my mate was rained off at this point and I had to go back to work which involved lots of messing about with toilets (again) still I wasn’t caring cos it was tuesday! . The rest of the day flew by and i headed home under a full moon just after 7:00.

As is usual when I got home I had a bath, now having a bath in our house is always a bit of an adventure. Firstly  you have to remove the spider, there’s always one and I’m never sure if It’s the same one but make sure I lift it out gently and place it in a cupboard by the bath. Once spider is removed the hot tap is turned on carefully, open it too far and the water flow eventually  starts to slow then stop. The water colour varies from single malt to strong tea depending  on how much rain we’ve had and your never quite sure what’s going to come out of the tap. Today it was a full wormy thing, a chewed up wormy thing, an 8 legged thing and a few bits and bobs.


Now many people are probably horrified by this but in 20 odd years of worms, eels, fish, bugs, leaves, twigs and god knows what I’m rarely ill and have a great immune system. OK so i stopped buying whites years ago cos they come out of the washing machine yellow but our water makes an excellent cup of tea!

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