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January 18, 2008

Wacky animals

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Just been looking through the photo’s on the puter and thought I’d share some with you.


This is one of my favourites, it’s Molly one of last years Gloucester old spots helping me do a bit of fencing. I think she looks like a ‘Clanger’


This is Buster ‘walking the plank’


This is ‘mummy cat’ checking out the bird house, now we have 3 cats that we feed they’re not ours cos I don’t think cats belong to anyone but they do seem to spend their winters here. They are pretty wild and won’t let you touch them, though that’s not surprising as the first and only time we’ve ever touched any of them is to trap them and take them to the vets to be sterilised. It took mrs C weeks to catch mummy cat in a special trap lent to us by the vet. When she eventually caught her she drove the 10 miles down to the village to catch the ferry and the cat escaped, 10 days later it was back here!!!


This is Bill and Ben a couple of lovely tamworth boars we had last year.


As you can see are not taking any notice of my sign.


This is Ginger our tamworth boar ‘making bacon’


and this is the chooks stealing his breakfast!!

A poor day

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It’s been a pretty scaby day here, though it was forecast so came as no surprise. I checked the UK Wind Map this morning and it was saying that it would freshen up in the afternoon and it certainly did. The ferry ran at 12:30 but we had to put a rope round Sconser pier to stop us getting blown off the slip. It was gusting to nearly 50knts and though you don’t get big seas there the wind has done some incredible damage there over the years with cars written off, caravans turned to matchwood, roofs ripped off houses and the telephone box blown over several times! It’s not uncommon for several cars to have there windows smashed by stones picked up by the wind.


Here’s the anemometer at over 48knts that’s well past 50mph and though the sea’s not picked up yet the fish farm boat has lost a cover from the stacks of feed on the deck and the gulls are trying to grab some lunch.


As the weather looked like it was going to worsen the school children (who travel to Skye daily) were sent home early, much to their delight. In the end it was a wise decision as once we got back to Raasay we remained tied up for the rest of the day.


Spent the rest of the day cleaning down the engine room and as we didn’t sail again the afternoon was a long time in passing, though I did manage to get some nice fish from the poor fish man stranded on Raasay for the night. Had some cod roe on toast followed by 2 small tuna steaks fried in olive oil. Now I know the tuna deserved more than a turn in a frying pan but we were a bit short on herbs and garlic in the galley. So after all that I headed home a little earlier than normal to some of mrs Cs amazing potato and leek soup and as it had been such a poor day I didn’t even manage to fill my trailer with rock. So who knows what treasures are to be found on the shore tomorrow, I can’t wait!

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