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January 14, 2008


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It’s been a bonny day at the end of the road today with a good bit of sun and hardly a breath of wind. Mrs C is doing her relief postie job for a couple of days so she took the dude to school and I’ve had the day to myself so I’ve been doing lots of wee jobs that take my fancy. In other words I’ve just been pottering about, after the usual bout of feeding I went along to the old schoolhouse at Torran to run up the genny and check the battery bank then had a wander down to the shore to check on the boats as I’d not been down since the westerly gale last wednesday. All was well but the tide sure had been a great deal higher than was predicted with the low pressure and westerly wind pushing it, having had a look round the shore for treasure and not found anything of interest I went home for lunch. After lunch I got my auto electricians hat on to fix the fog, reversing, and a brake light on the landrover, as usual this turned out to everything but blown bulbs, fortunately I had a little help.


So after a couple of hours of soldering and messing about we had it sorted. Feeling pretty chuffed with myself I turned my attention to the wee wind turbine battery bank.


Now what you are about to see are the wrong type of batteries incorrectly wired in the wrong place but as I got them given and it’s not my main supply it will do for now.


These batteries are starter batteries and are designed for high discharges for short periods, just like the ones on you car but bigger. They are completely useless for wind/solar applications and I’ll be lucky if they last a year. The black one already has a dodgy cell as i found out today when checking the S.G. (specific gravity) with a hydrometer. I do this regularly with all my battery banks. When choosing a battery bank for a wind, hydro, or solar system you need deep cycle lead acid batteries, they all need to be the same size, age and wired so all the connectors are the same diameter and length. This bank is only one step up from useless but like I said it was free.


How would I ever get through life without fish boxes and pallets! When i get the money I’ll replace them with deep cycle ones but for now they’ll do. This is the main bank for the big 2.5kw turbine, made up of 24, 2v 950ah cells. 16062007009-small.jpg

After that did a bit of clearing out in our byre then set about making a turkey curry for dinner utilizing the last of the christmas turkey and some white wine !!!! it was actually quite good.

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