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October 28, 2021

The new normal :-(

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Not even 5:00AM and I’ve already been up an hour having gone to my bed last night not much after 8:00PM. I do hope this isn’t going to become a habit, Wednesday found me at the same carry on, up at 4:30 through no choice of my own. Mind you at least I managed to turn that bout of insomnia to my advantage by going along to Torran and collecting some empty gas cylinders as I’d had it in my mind to go to Sconser quarry and collect some stone chips for a Pal. Sure I wasn’t actually planning to do this until the 9:55 sailing but doing it sooner would give me more of the fine day ahead that was forecast to do other stuff outside. I was getting a little pi55ed off with the incessant rain the last few days.

So Bonzo and I boarded the Mule and wobbled down the track to collect empty Calor gas cylinders and load them into the trailer long before most sane people were switching their alarms to snooze. It was still pi55ing with rain but that was supposed to clear as the sun rose. Molly sat patiently in her cage in the back of the Land Rover while we two went on our ‘mission’. The daft wee dog is terrified of missing out out on a trip in the car and as soon as  I try and leave the house she’s waiting at the door no matter what. Hobbling to the back of the nearest vehicle and whining to be let in no matter what I’m doing. I gave up trying to leave her in the house ages ago so these days she spends a good part of most days quite happily sleeping in a car. Of course if I actually go anywhere she whines the whole way.

It’s been a while

After loading up and lashing the cylinders into the trailer we headed for the ferry, it was still quite early but I figured I’d walk the dogs at the ferry terminal as Molly copes better on the pavement, it was still raining Sad smile

Before going to the quarry we nipped into Broadford for fuel and broccoli Smile dunno what it is about broccoli but whenever I go to the Raasay store it’s gone Sad smile

P1190314 P1190313

Being in no particular rush I stopped at the piece of ground opposite Scalpay that we used to call the ‘Red Shed’. The red paint that once adorned the tin shed that gave it its name have turned to rust long ago but this is where we came ashore when travelling off the island when I lived there 30 years ago. It looks as if they have been having a big clear up as my old ex army Series II was there along with the estate’s Series III that I spent many a happy hour underneath welding it for the MOT.

P1190311 P1190312

I bought the Series II SWB along with a Series III SWB hardtop from the Kishorn fabrication yard when it closed in the eighties and used to use them runabouts on the privately owned island. It was an auction with sealed bids and unfortunately I won both, the diesel Series III I brought with me to Raasay when I left in 89. I believe it still languishes in a shed somewhere on Raasay but the 24V petrol stayed behind until thirty years later it found its way to Skye Smile The LWB 4 cylinder petrol above is a completely original, one owner and has only got a guaranteed genuine 49K on the clock!

Not what I asked for Smile

The once regular visitor to the quarry arrived on the weighbridge for the first time in over three year and I’m sure she’s put on weight Smile Previously she only weighed 3.2tonnes with an empty trailer, perhaps it was the full tank of diesel Smile

 P1190318 P1190319

I dunno how but I asked for 20mm stone chips but ended up with 20mm all in concrete aggregate which is great for mixing concrete but not what I wanted. Of course they offered to reload me but it was still raining and I couldn’t be bothered messing about with the trailer’s tipping mechanism to tip it and decided to take it anyway. Well you can never have too much concrete mix can you? Of course this meant I would have to tow it back home to unload it and then return for the chips but hey it was still raining and what else would I be doing Smile 

P1190320 P1190321

Even with the schools back and the weather pish the ferry was still full of tourists with November just days away!

The first trip up Calum’s road with the ‘Old Girl’ grossing over 5tonnes was not a success, my electric fan wasn’t working and with the south wind up my ar5e their wasn’t much air over the radiator to cool it. Not having any tools to look at my fan I decided to leave the trailer in the empty Dun Caan car park and go get the Disco.


Leaving the empty trailer with its full load at the end of the car park I arrived back half an hour later to find this feckin’ idiot jamming me in! with the entire car park empty the friggin clown had reversed into the space immediately in front of the trailer Sad smile

P1190322 P1190323

After ten minutes of frigging around I did mange to hitch up and drive out without scratching the buffoon’s Toyota and it had almost stopped raining Smile

P1190324 P1190325

By the time I’d tipped my load and caught the 2:30 ferry back to Skye it had stopped raining Smile

 P1190328 P1190329

So I finally got my 2tonnes of chips, caught the 16:15 ferry back, dropped off the trailer complete with stones at my Pal’s house got home fed dogs, pigs, self and went to bed! It’s 7:00AM now black as pitch outside and I guess I should be thinking about feeding pigs and fixing my fan.

October 26, 2021

More lock :-)

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Pretty darn miserable just about sums up today’s weather, the only silver lining being that it wasn’t as miserable as the forecast. Though I didn’t actually realize that for several hours when Bonzo and I went out for our walk. No, I awoke at my usual ‘stupid o clock’, I knew it was bad cos I couldn’t see the Storr cat’s eyes staring at me through the bedroom window. Being cursed with an inability to stay in bed I got up anyway and after studying the forecast wished I hadn’t.


Any thoughts of a trip to Sconser quarry on an early ferry being put right out of my head, It was only a notion I’d had last night and wasn’t a crucial mission anyway. It seemed like another day in the shed was on the horizon or perhaps clearing a few drains, that’s always a good option when it’s been pishing down for yonks. Anyway whatever I was gonna do it wouldn’t involve going outside until it was light and that was hours away. Indeed it was a perfect day for doing my VAT return but I’d already knocked that on the head on Sunday morning, a full week or so before it was actually due!

With all the wind and water power being generated I started the day giving the washer and tumble drier a good bashing. Well it certainly would not be a day for hanging stuff out to dry even if I could have found enough pegs to hold stuff on the washing line. It was blowing a good Force 6 gusting 8 on the ‘peg scale’ that’s the number of clothes pegs required to keep a T shirt from blowing away.

When it did eventually get light enough to tempt me outside it was still boodly miserable but as it was forecast to get even miserabler I thought ‘it’s now or never’ and suited up. We headed up to North Arnish after feeding the pigs who just don’t seem to mind the weather one bit, unlike Molly who was standing with her front paws on the Land Rover back step looking hopefully at the back door as if it would magically open. Which of course it did, aided by me before disappearing with Bonzo.

North Arnish

P1190287 P1190288

Taking the more sheltered route to avoid the bracken through the trees we passed the remains of an old ruin I’d never noticed before.

P1190290 P1190291

It was boodly miserable up there and I had a nice toasty well insulated house to go back to.

P1190289 P1190293

These people must sure have been hardy, I’m feeling cold just looking at the photos!

P1190296 P1190297

The ruin on the right is the gable end of ‘Donald’s barn’ Donald used to live up here before he moved to Eyre and it’s not that long since he died. Just makes you realize that it’s not that long ago that people actually lived up here. It’s no wonder Donald was ‘strong as an ox’ he had to carry everything up from the shore on his back!

With my waterproofs not actually living up to their name I got home soaked to the skin and after breakfast and some tinkering in the shed decided to head into the village to post a letter and do a few bits and bobs.

P1190299 P1190300 P1190301

Visit the Raasay Sawmill, visit Hallaig and get a few grapes and bananas for me muesli Smile


Adjusting the ‘lock stops’

It was whilst doing a six point turn in a place where a 3 point should have sufficed that I decided it was about time I adjusted my steering ‘lock stops’ on the ‘Old Girl’. Not sure what’s happened but since I got her back the lock has been terrible, perhaps these wheels have a different offset but I don’t think so. Anyway I got her in the shed jacked up the front end supporting the axle on stands and worked the steering ‘lock to lock’ observing the stops.

P1190307 P1190308

Even adjusting the M12 bolt fully in wasn’t enough so I fitted a shorter one which allowed the wheels to turn in a little more.


Seems to have sorted it Winking smile

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