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January 25, 2008

Worm free at last!

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If you’ve read the ‘wholemeal organic water’ post you’ll know that we’re not adverse to the odd creepy crawly through the tap. I usually clean the tanks out once a year usually when they have emptied due to some unforseen event like drought or frost. This year I only did one of them and as the washing machine filter was getting bunged up more than usual and i was permenantly removing worms from the toilet cistern valve I thought today would be a good day to get on with it. It was pouring with rain and howling a gale and there wasn’t much else I could do as even walking was an effort. The primary tank is in the woods and quite sheltered and i was wet anyway so getting in the tank cleaning it would be no bother. The main problem seems to have been caused by dead leaves and unspeakable things finding their way under the lid.


It was pretty mucky though not quite as bad as it was after I’d stirred it up and pulled the bung out! Some fresh water, mild detergent and a soft brush had it cleaned in no time. I then set about modifying a filter I’ve had for years and never got round to fitting. It’s a lovely stainless steel perforated cylinder with a fine removable gauze mesh.


I fitted it to the outlet pipe, then untied the ballcock to watch the lovely (cleanish) water fill the tank. This time I fitted the lid properly, sealed it then cut down all the overhanging tree branches so with a bit of luck we’ll be worm free yipee!!

The whole morning I’d been watching with amazement water literally being blown uphill!! it’s over a mile away so the photo is cr4p


but as I was doing some work on a friends hydro turbine nearby I thought I’d go over anyway and have a look. I’ve laid out the 200m of penstock pipe and sorted the supply tank and filter so it seemed like a good idea to go and check it as this is the wettest it’s been in a long while and that waterfall which is not even wet normally was only a few hundred yards away from the dam.


The supply to the tank for the turbine was blocked, hardly surprising with the amount of water, though I was still well pleased and if anyone is interested the story of that is Though I’ll probably post the whole thing on here when I’ve finished it.

Back at last

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I’m completely shattered mentally as I,ve been trying to login for two days. I swear it’s taken more out of me than two days hard labour, and it’s been a busy two days on the croft to say the least. So here’s the update.

Ginger gets his nooky

Our lovely tamworth boar (who leads a charmed life) has been sharing his field with two young gloucester old spots who he served weeks ago. Bracken and Bramble his two tamworth girls have been kept well away from him as we did not want to get overrun with piglets at the same time. Mrs C spotted that Bramble was in heat and a quick look at the calender told us we’d be able to bring them up to weight for christmas so yesterdays first job was to get them all together and then remove the ‘old spots’ before the girls tore each other apart. Mrs C and I formulated a plan to lead them the tortuous route through gates, over bridges, past vehicles and other pigs to Gingers field.


We need not have bothered, as soon as we opened their gate they were off like a shot across the croft making a bee line for Ginger (well apart from one wee diversion in my garage)


The pair of them went straight in with him and he got straight on the job with Bramble despite the horizontal hail shower, meanwhile Braken started asserting her authority over the two ‘old spots’ Shona and Jamie Lee’ so we moved them into another field and left all the tamworths together. Whilst everybody was distracted by sex or their new surroundings we got on with changing bedding after which mrs C got on with her favourite job of clearing ditches, only as fast as she cleared them Iona filled them back up!!!


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