Life at the end of the road

January 12, 2008

Big shop

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Never did I think I’d see the day that I would be writing with such enthusiasm abut going shopping!!! Well living at the end of civilization like we do does strange things to you. The stock of feta, mozzerella, olives, salami and such was getting low so a trip to Lidl was urgently required, now to most people thats just a wee drive to us it’s a pure epic. The nearest one at the moment is 110miles away and a ferry journey. Now before you bang on about shopping locally we do normally but we had other reasons to go to snecky ( Inverness ) and I just love Lidls stuff. So it was up early and feeding the piggies in darkness, this was greatly assisted by the hard frost we had last night, as normally I’d be wading through mud in the dark, so off we set at just after 8:00 for the ferry. The drive down ‘Calums road’ was as ever spectacular and I stopped by his cairn to take this cr4p picture that looks over to Kyle and the 5 sisters of Kintail.


A little further we saw 4 magnificent stags but were nowhere near quick enough with the camera. The whole drive through to Inverness was spectacular as the sun was shining, the frost was hard and the mountains covered in snow. Mrs Cs old Audi seems to be fixed after all my efforts yesterday and we got to Lidl round 12:30 as we had a few pig related things to do on the way. This gave us just enough time to fly round and drive back home in time for the 4:15 ferry.  By the time we got home the pigs were very vocal, well apart from the 4 old spots who’d given up waiting and gone to bed.

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