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January 27, 2008

back on the road again

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It’s not been a bad day here at the end of ‘Calum’s road’ but I don’t actually feel like I’ve achieved a great deal. The OH and dude were a bit later in rising today so I started the day by a couple of hours looking at things renewable ont internet then went out to feed a wee bit later than normal (9:00ish). The flock (hens) and herd (pigs) were not amused, the duck always runs off quacking in a pure fright whatever time you feed him, though you’d think after 6 years he’d at least know you were going to feed him and not wring his neck. The chooks followed me at a discrete distance to feed Ginger, Braken and Bramble.


Then as soon as my back was turned they were in the bucket! After feeding all the wains and ‘old spots’ I turned my attention to Shona and Jamie lee the 2 ‘old spot’ gilts and almost lost my wellies in the mud, so that was it, todays project would be the road. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, well to be honest I’ve been moving rock to make roads, paths and car parks since I moved here 18 years ago (must be an Arnish thing) but this wee project is a direct result of our pig keeping venture. We needed vehicular access across 200m of bog to 3 fields and our veg patch with 2 bridges that would take a landrover. So I started moving rock with my wee trailer and a wheel barrow, first a path and now a road. I do a bit most days but for the last week I’ve been concentrating on the car parking area near my workshop mainly cos I can dump straight from the trailer without having to barrow for 75m. However the recent torrential rain and resulting bog by the last gate made me decide to crack on with it so off I went to a nearby quarrying spot in my old girl with OH bringing up the rear with quad and trailer.


Managed two loads each before it was time to take dudes pal down to ferry and ‘over the sea to Skye’ The dude and his pal managed to get their vehicles over on the ferry for free (big thanks to Cal Mac for that)


and had a great time until the batteries went flat!!!

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