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January 9, 2008

Wind turbine wiring diagram

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For the technically minded here’s a copy of the wiring diagram for our system.


This is a simplified diagram of my system which was installed by Hugh Piggot of scoraigwindelectric, Bill steel of Generator services and myself. The charge controller is the standard proven unit with a special defeat relay added by Hugh to prevent the dumps operating in the event of the generator starting. The DC dumps are normally turned off and priority is given to the AC ones through the inverter (you need a quality inverter to do this as they can be running for days here) I dump through 3 oil heaters 2 in the porch and 1 in the bedroom, however this is quite ineffecient as you have no control over it and there are many days when the house is too hot. I do have a 4 stage 2kw immersion heater element which I intend to fit when we overhaul the plumbing. This will enable us to heat a thermal store with the excess power so we have more control over when we get the heat out. A solar thermal array on the roof will also heat this store as will our wood burner but all this is on the to do list along with the solar PV and mini hydro turbine.

2-076-wince.jpg 2-078-wince.jpg3-035-wince.jpg3-060-wince.jpg



wind/diesel/hydro/battery system

wind turbine wiring diagram

What a performance

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Well after the mornings westerly gale i finally ventured out. I’d already braved the elements once to feed the 23 pigs, 4 chooks, 3 cats 1 dook and the wild birds but I needn’t have bothered as none of them showed much enthusiasm for getting out of bed and that was at 9:00 an hour or so later than normal at this time of year. Thought I would clean out the piglets arcs and put in some fresh bedding. Now there are 2 lots of piglets ( 5 and 8 ) and though they all get on pretty well they wont sleep together ( well not until we move them to a neutral field anyway ) . As they were all in the same field I closed the dividing gate and set about cleaning the empty arc.3-074-small.jpg

Now pigs are normally very clean animals and dung outside but nobody had told these piglets so it was honking. To be honest now mums away the arc is too big and the weather has been so bad you can’t really blame them, still as the arc has a solid wooden floor it was quite easy if not a little smelly. I put half of the fresh bedding I’d just cut into their house and set off out of the swamp. All I had to do now was open the small dividing gate, lead all thirteen piglets through no mans land into the field with the clean arc close the wee gate and set about cleaning the other one. I managed to get 10 through no problem with a bucket of feed but 3 of them were a bit reluctant and this is where it all went t*t* up for whilst I was shaking the bucket and calling the stragglers, Bramble (who is part pig part kangeroo) in another adjoining field got so excited at all my yelling and bucket rattling managed to jump the fence into the field with the 3 piglets. Over the next hour  I managed to catch 2 and lead Bramble back into her own field but no matter how hard i tried the 3rd one kept giving me the slip so after several mud baths I gave up, fed the rest of the pigs, opened the dividing gate and called it a day.


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