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May 31, 2011

More like it :-)

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It’s 5:00am and I’m just raring to go, just like yesterday, the penultimate day in May it actually feels like summer once more 🙂 Ok it still rained and there was one ferocious hail shower but they only lasted a few minutes had little effect on my moral.


300511 002

For the first time in weeks I was able to poke my head out of the bedroom window without getting wet and the Proven was stationary.

300511 003

I could even see the Trotternish ridge on Skye

300511 004

the basalt cliffs of Borroraig and even a little sea. I really must trim those trees to retrieve my sea view 🙂


 300511 001

The window at the top of the stairs was just as encouraging  though I was saddend to sea our hazel tree had taken a battering during the last gale. It was not the only one the sycamore had lost a limb and a hawthorn at the rear of the house had fallen onto the garden shed. Not with enough force to do damage but it’s going to be a pain to remove it.

The first job after feeding everyone and just soaking up the morning was to take the boy to school, his pal to the ferry, the ‘beetle man’ south and wifey to pick up her car. Unlike wifey I set off early for most of my journeys, firstly I don’t like driving fast and secondly you never know what you might come across.

300511 005

Like this fine stag who looks in terrible condition as he’s putting all his energy into growing that beautiful velvet crown on his head and shedding his winter coat.

300511 009

It will not be long before he has eight or more points on those antlers, which he’ll then remove the velvet from by rubbing them against branches. In this state hell look quite peculiar with the bleeding skin trailing from his head 😦

Arriving south early we took the trailer onto the beach at Clachan to load up with stones before saying farewell to our passengers, another reason for leaving early 🙂

Preparing for ‘The Monster Weekend’

Most of the rest of my day was spent in, under and around our 70s vintage Thomson caravan doing the brakes and wheel bearings.

  300511 010

And I took that picture before I’d realized that I’d put the top shoe on the wrong way round 🙂 All was fine in the brake shoe department, a little light rust was sanded off the drums and a bit of copper grease applied to the moving parts was all that was required.

300511 011

The bearings were also fine, hardly surprising when you see the size of them, but the oil seal on the right hand side was leaking so I decided to remove it to get another, something I’m now beginning to regret 😦 I actually think that the seal was OK and the leak was a combination of the breather hole in the end of the grease cap being blocked and me driving half a mile last year with the handbrake on 😦

On the whole oil seals are cheap, readily available and very easy to change so why take the risk of contaminating my brake shoes thought I, so I removed the seal to measure it. In retrospect I should have left it, for the number written on the metal case tells all.

W. 256162.37.R4 translates into 256 or 2.56” = 2.9/16”.  162 is 1.62” or 1.5/8” and .37 is 3/8” wide, the R4 at the end signifying ‘metal case’.

Armed with all this info and a computer you’d think I’d have found a seal without difficulty, not a chance, two hours of searching last night failed to turn up a seal, sometime you just need to speak to ‘one who knows’ on the phone 🙂

That was about it really, I cleaned the hydro turbine, finally managed to cut the grass that had been wet for two weeks and shared a bottle of wine with wifey 🙂

300511 012

It’s 6:15 and just look what’s less than four meters from my kitchen table,

300511 013

300511 015

050411 015

This is him seven weeks ago with only one handlebar 🙂

May 29, 2011

Is this the end :-)

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I’ll not bore you with the weather yet again, because it has been more of  the same and decidedly unseasonal. It does however look like this may be the end of it, for a little while at least, high pressure in atlantic

with lots of high pressure out in the Atlantic just waiting to drive those lows northwards 🙂

As Tuesday was going to be spent on a course called SHIPS at the I decided to go and visit my parents today. I have no idea what ‘ships’ stands for but I suspect it’s something to do with ‘the customer interface’, where do they get these terms from 🙂 Though I have to say that my all time favourite so far is a tie between ‘sub prime mortgage market’ AKA dodgy money lending and ‘schedule slippage’ or extremely late due to a cock up 🙂 Why do we put up with this cr4p 🙂

Anyway, I got the team ready after feeding and breakfast and we headed south,

290511 001

to find a tent in the sheep fank at Tarbert and a kayak about 30m above the high water mark. All the hallmarks of yet another ‘kayak rescue’ 🙂 Now I don’t suppose these people are in any real danger because their craft do seem quite seaworthy but just look at yesterdays wind graph.

graph 280511

That is west (on shore) wind that was well forecast and rarely dropped below force 5 all day, the Portree fishing fleet were tied up for the weekend and two people are out in a kayak 😦

graph 290511

The gale that arrived, albeit briefly around midday today had been predicted for days so I’m guessing they shipped out via the ferry 🙂 That’ll be the second batch this week 🙂

Now don’t miss understand me I’m not complaining because I’ve been there, got the book, the video and the Tee shirt. It just amazes me the things that people do, to make that four or five weeks a year away from the office so ‘pleasurable’ 🙂

The day at my parents was spent mostly inside looking out at torrential showers, though I did manage to fix a blocked gutter, how anything can get blocked when subjected to that amount of water is beyond me 🙂


290511 002

After a pleasant day there we headed home to be delayed on the causeway at Kintail by a caravan that seemed to have been caught by the wind and caused an ‘incident’. The day by now was improving and the showers much further apart with much less attitude.

290511 005

We arrived at Sconser in plenty of time for the 16:30 ferry, which was just as well because there were around 11 cars and 76 people. This will be the Sunday ferry that nobody wanted 🙂


290511 006

Just watch this space, for just starting to form in Loch na Bronn near Screapadale is a perfect ring of water lilies.

 290511 009

That was about it really, once home we were treated to a lovely roast dinner and then I went out to enjoy the rest of the evening under my caravan repairing the lights 🙂

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