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December 31, 2007

weaners for sale

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1-037-small.jpgIf your after hardy wee piggies to fatten up for the late spring/early summer and you live near Skye then these are for you. These tamworths are proper hardy, outdoor pigs with a great dispostion and very tasty. They mature slowly but produce very little fat. if your interested email Paul at

ALL GONE 14/1/08

the expolding back boiler!

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1-004-small.jpgWell it didn’t actually explode but it did leak rather spectacularly!!!!!1-003-small.jpg

This was the week after we had just put a new wooden floor in the kitchen and laid a new floor covering. All was peace and calm one thursday night when mrs C went to run a bath, next thing total chaos, steam, water and soot. I went to turn off the water supply to the cylinder but couldn’t because I’d very cleverly screwed a cover over the tap and there’s no handle on the tap anyway so you need pliers. So off to the shed 100yds away to get tools, when i shut the tap off we still had the contents of the hot water cylinder to contend with, fortunately we had a whole load of old blankets outside from the ‘drowning boar’ disaster (more of which later) so they helped stem and soak the flow until i could drain the cylinder down. The fridge, freezer and cooker all had to be moved and the floor covering taken up and dried. Luckily we managed to suck all the water out from under the new floor with an industrial hoover but it still took a week to dry out. The new back boiler is stainless steel so it shouldn’t happen again (the outlet pipe had corroded and sheared off)

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