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January 2, 2008

in the spirit of ‘Calums road’

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Having lived at the end of ‘Calums road’ for so many years and traveled up and down it more than any man alive i think some of his obsession has rubbed off on me. When i first moved here you couldn’t get a transit van up to the house and now you can get an oil tanker (though they only came twice then lost their nerve!). I had to work on the ferry today so as usual i hitched up my wee trailer to the back of the landy so i could fill it with rock in my lunch break.3-011-small.jpg

I put around 300k of rock in there most days that i work or take the dude to school and I’ve been doing it for a few years. I I started off from the end of the drive by my workshop and have now got a 180 yd road you can drive a car down with a turning place in front of the house. As it’s mostly soft peat i came up with a novel way of doing it.


First i put a layer of feed bags down.


Then a layer of that matting stuff they use under roads the name of which escapes me. After that i empty my 3 or 4 barrow loads of rock and then rake it out, a trips over it with the Quad and then landrover and the result is a good durable surface to drive on.


It’s amazing what you can achieve by just doing a wee bit every day. The trailer could take much more but 3 or 4 barrow loads is just short of being hard work and as i do allot of it after work in the dark any more and i would have given up long ago.


I plan to go up to the gate but widen the last bit to make an area of hard standing so at this rate i should be finished by the end of february . After finishing my spot of road building i went and checked the battery banks for the lister and wind turbine. I have a bit of an obsession about this and always record the specific gravity and voltage of each cell, 24 for the big turbine, 12 for the Lister and 12 for the wee Rutland. By the time that was done it was feeding time. Mrs C spent most of the day in muddy ditch trying to get rid of some water from Brambles wains field.

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