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July 31, 2011

A little rest :-)

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Well, it’s a while since I’ve been on here, probably my longest absence since I started this carry on in December of 2007. It’s not that I haven’t done stuff or have lost interest or anything, quite the contrary, it’s just that I’ve been in my bed most nights straight after work and dinner. Whoever said that you need less sleep as you get older is full of cr4p 🙂 I’ve been fast asleep before 9:00am most nights this working week, OK last night it was well after 23:00 but then I didn’t actually get in the house until 22:30 by which time it was almost dark 😦 Now that fact that it wasn’t actually daylight may be of no surprise to most folk but for one who goes to bed early at this latitude it’s the first time I’ve seen darkness in quite a while.  Still I’d better get used to it, there’ll be plenty soon enough 🙂

With my hen like memory, trying to pick up where I left off and retrieve the last few days events out of my grey matter would be akin to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack so I won’t even bother. I’ll just stick the pictures on here and hope that it jogs my recollections 🙂



310711 001

The second full day back at work after my three weeks leave got off to a grey start, a far cry from the sun and blue sky’s of late. A change of wind direction to the south on Wednesday evening and a trough of low pressure had deposited a little welcome rain through the night. Being up even earlier than usual due to the early night I sauntered to work the long way around to have a look at the forest, or lack of it. The walled garden from the Orchard cottage being clearly visible for the first time in years, it was hard to imagine this place full of apple and pear trees, as it must have been at one time. For as long as I can remember it’s been hemmed in on all sides by the oppressive conifers, well apart from the side that faces the cemetery 🙂

 310711 002

The day at work was quite busy as I recall, hardly surprising as it is July and the weather is good, though I can’t actually remember what I did other than direct cars and clean the engine room bilge.


Again, after a very early night I was up early so went out and did a little hunting with my boys ‘Crossman King Ratcatcher’. The shotgun would have actually made more sense but the ‘sleeping beauty’ that is my wife would not have thanked me for the 5:30 alarm call. The beautiful and still sunny morning was the kind of day you could here a sparrow fart in Portree.

310711 004

You do have to get much closer with the little CO2 powered gun but at least it’s silent and you’re not picking lead out of your teeth afterwards 🙂


310711 007

The day at work was again busy, but this time beautiful

310711 006

with even more timber cut

310711 008

and stacked.


Well that would be yesterday, which I started off by taking my recycling bins south in the trailer at a very leisurely pace with my neighbour. It was a most enjoyable and enlightening trip as she pointed out all the various land marks and their Gaelic names, though there’s little chance of me actually being able to spell any of them correctly 🙂

We drove around ‘rocky or aspen point’ past the ‘hill of the hind’ up ‘the hill that you can see the house’ by ‘Finlay’s bed’ over the ‘flat bog’ and so it went on 🙂 I really must write all these down 🙂

 310711 009

Anyway, soon enough I was at the ferry terminal being watched over by the hideous mermaid with a mastectomy, who was recovering in a bed of heather. OK, I know the picture is cr4p but the stone figure with the missing boob really did look quite nice in the early morning sun surrounded by the purple heather. Commissioned by the last clan chief to live in Raasay house they’ve watched over the Raasay Narrows since the 1840s. I just wish he’d taken them to Tasmania with him, they’re enough to scare anyone away 🙂

 310711 012


Once actually at work it was time to make use of the high tide and give the old ship a wash, or at least one side of it 🙂

310711 016

Again the day was busy but this time more at each end, as people left early after their holiday and arrived late for their start.

dolphins 1

We were treated to more dolphins but they were quite a long way off 😦

dolphins 2

Still they were very impressive to the naked eye 🙂

dolphins 3


310711 028

Anyway that’s it, or at least all that I can remember so at 8:00am on a Sunday I’d better feed the pigs and head for work 🙂

July 28, 2011

The end of an era :-)

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No posting last night as I went straight to my bed after work, just a bowl of pasta and then bed, not even a bath. I saved that for this morning at 5:00am.

Anyway, it’s back to that beautiful Tuesday that saw me and the boys recovering the hundred meter length of pipe from Fladda and pulling down my boat shed, The pipe I told you about, the shed, well it was more of a roof really, I never got around to as I went to bed 🙂

I have to say that I was a little emotional about destroying this temporary shelter that I’d constructed some 16 or 17 years ago to rebuild the boat that I’d salvaged from 18m of water.

conqueror 072

Though I hasten to add that was it after I’d spent two years rebuilding it.

conqueror 080 conqueror 081 conqueror 085 conqueror 086

Building this shelter and the two years that I spent rebuilding the Conqueror was a pivotal and very exciting period of my life.

 conqueror rebuild_0002

The ‘shed’ that I’d constructed out of twelve telegraph poles and the old corrugated iron from my house roof, has long served to remind me of the happy months I spent under there, with the little Petter generator screaming away in the background 🙂 Everything, apart from the pallets came down the track from home on my Suzuki quad, even the poles, two at a time 🙂

conqueror rebuild_0003

It was only ever intended to be temporary but ended up being a useful place to store boats and stuff out of the worst of the weather. However the elements have taken their toll on it, the roof was rusting and full of holes and some of the eighty year old poles that brought the first phone line to Arnish have had their day.

260711 037

So with the boys, my mate, a generator, grinder and chainsaw we set about demolishing it 😦

260711 040

Something that proved a little harder than anticipated

260711 041

and we had to resort to pulling it down with the quad


260711 042

but down it came

260711 043

in a heap 🙂

That was the relatively easy part, the hard bit was removing the old tin to salvage the best of the poles and clearing up the mess. However I had to dash to work so left that in the capable hands of my mate 🙂

Our activities, probably due to the fire, seemed to attract some attention 🙂


 260711 045

With a visit from Kevin and Pam on the Spindrift

260711 046

and from Peter Urquhart’s Brigadoon a boat that I know well enough, having done many trips to Rona aboard it to go diving on the fish farm there.


Well it got off to a fine and bonny start

270711 001

with the sea cadet training ship (well more of a boat) TS Jack Petchey berthed at the end of our pier.

270711 002

It stayed blue, breezy, hot and beautiful right up to the last sailing

270711 004

when this cloud cam along and deposited some rain on us 😦

270711 005

Having left my windows open on the Land Rover I ended up with a wet bum 😦 however the sight of yet more black pipe deposited on my doorstep, this time by a friend, cheered me up no end 🙂

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