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January 28, 2008

On this day 15 years ago

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Fish farming and NIMBYism

I’ve just been looking at my diary from 15 years ago and the first thing that struck me is I used to do allot more in a day then. Jan the 28th was a tuesday and amongst other things I was doing work on the fish farm in ‘loch Arnish’ now when I got wind of the application for this ‘monstrosity’ I was livid as it was going to ruin my fishing grounds, pollute the area, be a hazard to navigation etc, etc, in fact I managed to find just about every excuse that any white settler who already had an income and didn’t give a toss about anyone else could do. However the fish farm went ahead provided a much needed boost to the local economy for around 10 years. It’s gone now and whilst the view is undoutably better the shore tidier and the value of my property greater I miss it and not just for the work I did there. Even though I moved here to get away from it all it was good to see activity in the loch and people earning a living and I’m sure that Calum Macleod who spent years building a road to Arnish would have approved. Fragile rural communities need jobs not a view, the land and the sea needs more (sensible sustainable) use and less love. Instead of fish farm you could read wind turbine, hydro scheme or forrestry all these things that were going to kill off the tourists, well I’ve lived in Scotland 22 years and there’s allot more tourists than ever there was.

Anyway what I was actually doing that sunny tuesday with light and variable wind was replacing the front of a lovely shed on the shore. It’s a beautiful dry stone shed with a thick corrugated iron roof , not the usual thin stuff but the stuff that would stop a bullet. It’s stone on 3 sides but the side facing the sea is wood and 15 years ago i replaced it with wood I’d found on the shore (a shed side from another salmon farm) and draught proofed it with salmon feed bags! This fine shed must have seen some activity over the years as when the north end of Raasay was populated everything came in by sea here and I suppose it could tell a tale or two. In the evening I did some woodwork upstairs round the landing, I’d just salvaged a load of old thick pine cladding and was removing all the old nails, planing it sanding it and re using it. Dunno what time I finished but I couldn’t do it nowadays.

The end of the road!

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I’m normally rushing round like an idiot on tuesdays doing all the things I need to before I go back to work and the ‘Loch Striven’ on wednesday. Splitting logs for a whole week, tidying up my workshop, power washing all the crap off my quad making sure we have enough diesel, kerrosene, pig feed, bedding etc. as I leave early and don’t get back home till late for a whole week and like to try and have everything organized so mrs C does not have any drama whilst I’m at work. However I had to do it today as tomorrow I have other things to do. I was also determined to finish my road or at least get a footpath as far as Shona and Jamie Lee’s gate.



Before dumping the rock down I laid feed bags old coal sacks and ‘Terram’ matting down, this stops the rock disappearing into the peat and saves tons of rock. It’s a woven textile that lets the water drain through whilst preventing the peat mixing with the stones. I wasn’t sure about using the feed bags under it at first but the water still drains through OK and it gets rid of a mountain of feed bags that would normally end up in a land fill. Probably the same result in the end but it saves me taking them there! Anyway I achieved my goal and got as far as the gate so was well pleased with the mornings efforts. Shona and Jamie Lee on the other hand were more concerned with dinner.


After lunch I had to look at mrs Cs car and re fit a CV joint gaiter as she’s off to Dingwall on wednesday and i got it finished just in time to go and pick up the dude from his music lesson, apart from taking the dude out for a spot of rabbit shooting for half an hour before dinner that was it I’d mange to do everything I set out to do. I just hope tomorrow goes as well as I’ve got to catch 2 piglets before breakfast, lower a wind turbine before lunch and get a ton of pig feed before dinner.

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