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August 30, 2010

Venison and wild ‘shrooms :-)

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Summer is here at last, or at least part two has begun after the interval that started around midsummer two months ago. I’ve no hard and fast data to confirm this, but for as long as I can remember the days seem to have been raining, showery, driech, miserable, just plain cold or a combination of all four in one day with just the occasional glimpse of the sun as a teaser. Anyway yesterday it officially came to an end with lots of sun, no wind and all weather forecasts agreeing that it will be dry for the week ahead.

It also started with a good blast of north wind that dried out the grass for the crofters and topped up my batteries via the 2.5Kw Proven wind turbine 🙂

300810 004

The wind that drove my turbine also created a good swell on the new slipway that at times sent water over the ramp, this however seemed to lessen as the tide fell and Goat Island became connected to the Arduish. The original harbour plans had included filling in the gap with rock but the ‘experts’ deemed it unnecessary, hmmmm.


   050809 017

That’s it on the left ‘proposed breakwater’ and that’s where it should be on the right of the first picture next to the small island. Anyway, I’m not complaining it’s a hundred times better than what we had, a structure to be proud of and a pleasure to work from 🙂

So where was I ? Oh, Sunday, well as usual I had an extra hour in bed before going to feed the pigs for the first time since Tuesday.

300810 001

Ed and Eddy had got fed up of waiting and came around looking for me and it does not seem that long ago since they were the same size as Molly 🙂

vangaurd class ssbn

With all my herd fed and watered I headed south down ‘Calum’s road’ past 15,000 tons of Vanguard class nuclear submarine that could well have had 128 warheads housed in 16 Trident missiles lurking behind the conning tower.

The day just got better and better but I spent a good deal of it down below servicing the Volvo TAMD 121C marine diesels that propel the Loch Striven.

  300810 005

Once the working day was finished I headed home to feed the pigs then help wifey prepare dinner, the ‘Man from Gourock’ was coming so we’d decided to give him a treat of venison and wild mushroom stroganoff. The day was to good to waste slaving over a hot stove roasting joints, spuds and veggies so wifey had opted for a quick dish loosely based on one out of ‘Jamie at home’ by Jamie Oliver.

It’s dead easy, first of all get a large frying pan and dump several good glugs of olive oil in it and once it’s hot throw in several finely chopped cloves of garlic and a chopped red onion. Give that a good cooking then spoon out the onions and garlic into a plate, with the pan still good and hot chuck in a good knob or two of butter followed by your freshly picked mushrooms.

300810 011

We used boletus, chanterelles and winter chanterelles because that’s what was handy on the croft but anything will do.

300810 010

Whilst I was doing this wifey set about chopping up Bambi’s haunch into strips

300810 012

and covering them in paprika, salt and pepper then gently massaging the mixture into the meat. Once that was done throw it in the pan along with the mushrooms and just give it a quick cooking before covering with the onions, garlic, flat parsley, zest of half a lemon and 150ml of creme fraiche .

serve on a bed of rice with a glass of red wine, awesome 🙂

300810 013


Was, just like the forecast said, luvverly 🙂

300810 015

and the crofters did indeed get their silage cut at last.

300810 024


300810 027

And if your wondering the big yellow stick in front of Ben Tianavaig is a crane at Raasay House 🙂


300810 029

For the first time this week I left our beautiful new ferry terminal to go and see how JST were getting on at our old berth.

300810 030

Now that is a serious tractor 🙂

300810 032

and at the end of a spectacular day I drove home, slowly 🙂

August 28, 2010

Porpoises at dawn

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Well this is going to be pretty rubbish because it’s well after 23:00 and I need my bed. I had fully intended writing more but it’s taken me all evening to rotate this video and post it on YouTube, being ‘not of the computer age’ I took it with the camera sideways and it is not a simple matter to turn it. Or at least not to a numpty like me.

Today actually got off to a promising start,

280910 011

and I even got some painting done before we sailed at 7:55 but it quickly deteriorated, brightened only by the sight of a school of porpoises leading us into the new pier at Clachan 🙂



Anyway, here it is taken from the good ship Loch Striven on the 9:25 sailing to Raasay, as seen by the crew and the only two passengers on board 🙂


280910 005

Before that we had the ‘Hebridean Princess’ sail by Goat island,

280910 015

followed by lots of rain 😦

280910 016

and even more rain 😦 😦

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