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January 17, 2008

Bounty from the sea

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One of the things about living by the sea, other than your car going rusty is that you can often find great treasures down on the shore. Spring tides and onshore winds usually mean good pickings, over the years I’ve found some pretty amazing stuff. When I lived on Scalpay I found a complete shed lying above the high water mark. Not a shed in bits on the shore but a full garden shed 8′ x 4′ complete with roof, floor and door just sat there!!! I pulled it apart flatpack style and towed it back to my house with my boat. When I moved house i pulled it apart put it on the roof of my landrover and brought it to Raasay. It’s still here 20 years later. I really don’t know how our croft would function without a steady supply of fish boxes, rope, plastic pipe, bouys, netting and of course kelp for the garden. Last weeks storm threw up some nice planks of wood which will make an excellent bridge on the croft.


Now you’d struggle putting those on the roof of a eurobox! after loading up my bounty and still having some time of my lunch break left I thought I’d go and have a look at some pigs. The two weaners we sold on sunday were nearby so I went to see if they’d settled into their new home.


They were looking great and I’m sure they recognised me, they had a cozy wee house made from an upturned fish cage float with a view to die for!!


Feeling uplifted by the sight of ‘Bacon and sausage’ I went back to work on the ferry just stopping briefly to load up some rocks for my road.

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