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January 11, 2008

Bdooly cars

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Been a good day here on Raasay with just a couple of wee showers. Mrs C took the dude to school today so after feeding everyone i spent the morning hauling wood and splitting logs.


This is about a weeks supply for our wee wood burning Morso squirrel that heats our living room. It’s a fine well made piece of Danish kit thats been lit every day for around 15 years and apart from the odd grate (due to burning coal and leaving the vent open) it’s performed faultlessly. This wood is spruce and fir and to be honest it’s pretty poor as a fuel but as it’s free I can’t complain. Its been lying for a few years so is well seasoned and easy to cut and split, it just doesn’t give off a great deal of heat. We have a good few acres of birch that we coppice and that gives off much more heat but I’ll get back into that when this pile dries up.

After lunch I went to do a little job on mrs Cs old audi, it’s been losing water for months from a tiny split in a cooling hose. I’ve had several goes at fixing it in situ without success so decided to remove it and repair it properly. Replacing it was not an option as it had several tight bends in and a tee where a smaller hose came off, needless to say when i removed the hose it all fell apart and went pear shaped so it ended up taking me hours and I didn’t finish until it was dark. Still when I got in mrs C had a got a nice big roaring fire going for me to thaw out in front of.

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