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August 31, 2009

Another Post

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I know this is really going to confuse the issue but for some reason ‘WordPress’ is refusing to let me upload any images so I’m now trying on ‘Scribefire’ and it seems to have worked 🙂

The dotted line between the two yellow posts on the chart is the undersea cable that is being replaced, despite the notice to mariners issued ( see yesterdays post ) some wise fisherman had laid his creels over the old cable that was to be lifted. Undaunted by the fact that ‘Briggs Marine’ had to to cut them to lift the old cable he re laid them in the same position! This meant that when they laid the new cable on Sunday it was now over the top of the creels 🙂


I know this is really gonna mess things up but it’s time for my bed so I’ll just stick a few pictures on here and add the text tomorrow 🙂

Strange fruits 🙂

It’s now Tuesday morning and ‘WordPress’ seems to be working again, of course being 6:25 I’ll have to head south shortly and I can see that the last two posts are going to leave many of you in confusion, especially as the last entry always appears first on the blog.

I did have some kind of plan of what to write about Sunday and Monday but spent so long trying to upload pictures last night that I’ll have forgotten most of it by tonight 😦

Anyway if you can bear with me I’ll have another go tonight  as it’s my Friday ( your Tuesday, unless your on the opposite shift and then it’s Sunday 🙂 ) meaning I’m down to my last banana and a weeks work on the croft ahead of me!

It seems like alot of effort!

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Time for work but I’ll just leave you with these and fill you in tonight 🙂

Happy birthday :-)

Happy birthday 🙂

Anyway, it is now tonight and I realize that posting some pictures in the morning then adding text in the evening may lead to confusion, especially if your not a regular visitor. I’m really sorry but I can’t think of any better way of doing it  so you’ll just have to bear with me, of course I could have done it last night whilst it was all still fresh in my aging head but we had friends round for a feast of roast pork and fresh  garden produce so plonking away on here was out of the question. I could have done it after they’d left but I was in my bed at 9:30 whilst the rest of the team were making merry. I just can’t keep up these days 🙂


Sunday could have been the first day in 46 that it has not rained on Skye, in fact it did get off to a promising start and I had an enjoyable hour or so pottering about on the croft and feeding the pigs before I headed south and to work.

The drive down was, as usual spectacular and I dropped my passenger off at the bottom of Glam brae in his quest for beetles! I must at this point mention that Richard the ‘beetle man’ arrived on Saturday night. Richard has been coming to Raasay since the early 70s and has in the last 10 years or so embarked on a mission to identify every beetle on this fair island. Obsessive does not even come close to describing Richards quest and he is now well over the 600 mark, so at around 9:00am I left him at the start of the path to Inver with his rucksack and beetle net.

The ‘Forth Guardsman’ that had been lying at anchor overnight in front of the Sconser quarry was joined by the ‘Headcorn’ and the ‘Forth Constructor. As soon as we’d loaded up and left Sconser they moved into position to start laying the new power cable across the entrance to loch Sligachan.

Forth Constructor joins the party!

Forth Constructor joins the party!

And I’ve just been trying for half an hour to add another image there but ‘WordPress’ this friggin laptop or ‘Firefox’ won’t let me and I’m getting really miffed 😦

In position

In position

So I’m just going to have to start another post and see if that works 😦

300809 016 (Medium)

Harvest  Anne

Harvest Anne

A serious digger!

A serious digger

I’m really sorry guys, this is all going pear shaped on me, It’s almost 22:00 on Monday and I’ve not even finished Sundays post yet. This is Ferguson Transport’s ‘Harvest Anne’ delivering a 57 ton Hitachi digger with a 22m boom to the new harbour development on Raasay. That’s it landed on the shore at Clachan and dwarfing the 40 ton yellow one

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