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January 20, 2008

My favourite day

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Well it’s sunday again and as I’ve said before I love sundays. I got up late well 6:30, did a bit of blogging then when it was light went out to feed the pigs and they were so glad to see me. I know it’s the food they’re after but it still warms my heart when they’re so enthusiastic. Ginger our boar always likes a wee pet with his feeds, the 11 piglets just rush round your feet tripping you up and grunting until there foods in their troughs , Bramble the part kangaroo was as usual halfway up the gate.


Having fed them all and emptied and leveled my usual load of rock on the road I set off for work a little early as I had a wee job to do for a friend. This was to pick up some pipe for his polytunnel project, now this is not your ordinary mickey mouse polytunnel with flimsy steel hoops and thin plastic, this is going to be a Rolls Royce of polytunnels made from old fish farm plastic pipe. A polytunnel to withstand winters on the west coast, in short a giant amongst polytunnels. I will ( if he lets me) post pics  though don’t hold your breath it may take a while. My mate is the ultimate recycler, he built his own house once and only used 1 stanley knife blade as he kept sharpening it!! and he made all the panel pins out of old telegraph wire.


As we only do 2 runs today I got on with my latest project on the ferry, painting the engine room bilge. I know this is really sad and you can’t even see them but I do like a clean bilge!! I should get out more or find an interesting hobby.


Even sadder than that I spent the whole of my lunch break washing my landrover, now I don’t just wash the body I wash the chassis aswell, I’ve had the old girl for years and she works very hard so I look after her.

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