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October 31, 2021

No rant today :-)

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Well, it’s almost 7:00AM, lovely and mild outside and I guess that were the cloud not so thick it would be almost light. Of course it’s Halloween today, British Summer Time ended at 2:00AM and for me at least, winter is here and I’ll no be seeing daylight at home during the working fortnight Sad smile I just hate it but this year I’m trying to be philosophical about it rather than have my annual rant. I was warned about my blood pressure a few months ago so am trying to be calmer Smile Personally I blame my hypertension on the COVID vaccine cos after being refused a medical just days after dose 1 cos my BP was through the roof. I manged to get it down after 10 days, I thought because of my new diet extra exercise and medication. Monitoring it twice daily ever since and receiving my ENG medical I was shocked when it went through the roof once more after jab 2. Taking almost two weeks to return to normal. Still, I haven’t had COVID and the extra greens I’m eating and exercise will be doing me no harm hey. Mind you I’m severely missing my chorizo, egg, avocado and mayonnaise breakfasts, the muesli somehow just doesn’t hit the spot Smile

After enjoying my Sunday lie in sandwiched between two dogs then doing the rounds of the various clocks and timers. I settled down with my first cup of strong black coffee, something else my BP regime has caused me to cut back on Sad smile As is usual one of the first things I check on the ’puter is the weather,


looks like some serious wind and rain tonight Surprised smile Then it was outdoors to load up the Mule and feed the weans pronounced wains.

P1190379 P1190380


Most of the day was spent dealing with the intruder on the croft who’d been hanging in my shed for a week.


Once he was safely in the freezer it was over to Torran to continue with securing that beam to the gable end.


The odd shower making a nice rainbow or two.


First job was to finish boring the 9 15mm holes in the stone gable.


Then I screwed some shelf brackets to the timber support below so that I could clean out the holes without lowering the beam. I was hoping this would make final positioning much easier too.


After measuring the depth of holes and adding some on for securing the beam I cut the M12 bar to length for securing into the wall.

P1190375 P1190378

Then the holes are then cleaned with a wire brush and dust blown out with a hand pump before injecting the resin in with a special gun. My cunning plan being just to bond the two outermost studs in and leave them to cure overnight. The beam is so long and heavy that I figured trying to line up all nine holes while holding the beam up would be nigh on impossible for one person even with Calum the Kubota helping. I reckon that if I could get one stud in at each end I could then bond the remaining seven once the beam was insitu and checked for level.


The Storr toilet block lights still blazing away despite it being fully light Smile and I’m off out

October 30, 2021

Well, I think they’re edible :-)

No sign of the pishing rain that XC was promising me this morning. Mind you it’s so dark outside I wouldn’t see it unless it was from the west or north and I’ve not actually ventured outside yet.

20211030_054851 20211029_042003

Nope, despite being up since long before Radio 4 goes on air I’m sat at the kitchen table studying that most excellent book by Roger Phillips ‘Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe’ Which is regarded by many as the mushroom pickers Bible, though you will need a rucksack to carry it out in the field as it’s not actually pocket size Smile

I found some ‘shrooms on the Torran track yesterday whilst I was tracking Calum the Kubota over to the Schoolhouse.

P1190346 P1190349

Methinks they are scarlet wax caps and edible but I’m not 100% certain, it is many years since I’ve picked and eaten any wax caps. Perhaps I’ll take the book with me and have a proper look when I go back there today.


After giving my Disco window frame a few more coats of paint yesterday Bonzo and I went for a walk, sort of. I started tracking the digger over to Torran and he followed me, though we left it halfway and walked back to get the Mule and muesli which is when I spotted the ‘shrooms.

P1190347 P1190351

The Raasay fishing boat Mary M was in Loch Arnish lifting his creels when we returned to continue or journey.


My plan being to bolt that large piece of timber to the gable end of the building to support a lean to with a slate roof. My Mate and I had already bolted a 6” x 2” piece up there in the summer to act as support for the main one that I was about to lift up there. It being much much simpler to fasten a relatively light piece first.

 P1190356 P1190357

The lighter timber having already been fastened to the wall by drilling 15mm holes and bonding M12 threaded bar into it and it was already levelled. I then bored a series of 19mm holes in the new heavy timber. Having left the studs sticking out of the support it allowed me to rest one end of the new beam on the outer stud and lift the other with Calum’s boom.

P1190358 P1190359 P1190360

Once I had it up there and sat on the ‘rest’ I screwed a guide onto the rest that would stop the timber falling of but still allow me to slide it along in the correct position.

When it was aligned correctly I started the onerous task of drilling into the gable through the holes I’d bored in the wood.

P1190361 P1190362

It’s not easy drilling holes up a ladder with a big hammer drill I can tell you so after doing four I went home for a rest Smile


Finding a few late chanterelles on the way Smile

Back home I got on with fitting my newly painted window frame to the Disco and would have found that job much easier had I removed the waist seal first. Still I managed and was well pleased with my working window afterwards. Next job was to fit the new (to me) warning lamp cluster to the Land Rover.

P1190353 P1190354

Well that didn’t go quite so well but at least now I have the correct light illuminating when the centre diff is locked.

P1190365 P1190366 

My burgers

After feeding dugs and pigs I turned my attention towards feeding myself and decided it was time to turn some pork mince into burgers.

P1190368 P1190369

Just mixed some of it up with chopped onions and black olives then served it with steamed beans, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus and baked sweet potato. Well I’d only had two slices of toast for lunch Smile

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