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January 19, 2008

The Raasay pig signs (and others)

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Now as you may have gathered we keep ‘free range’ pigs not just a bit free range but seriously free range, our pigs can roam over a good few square miles. They have in fact been spotted almost as far south as the beginning of ‘Calum’s road at Brochel where our common grazing ends. With the increasing popularity of this part of the island due in a great part to Roger Hutchinsons most excellent book I felt it only fair that people should be warned. It’s not every day that you come across a pig on the road!


Being a public spirited sort of chap and not wanting to be sued by anyone I spent a couple of days making a most excellent sign to warn people of the danger.


Not being able to get a post into the solid rock I must confess to using the councils pole but both I and the pigs were well pleased with the result.


This was a good informative sign, the only problem being that it was as you can see at the end of the road. Having a couple of the stickers left over I felt it my duty to place one at the beginning of ‘Calum’s road’ just to prepare people. Living as we do in times of litigation and a compensation culture the last thing I wanted was for someone to damage there car on one of our very solid pigs. So being unable to find anywhere suitable I stuck it on the only flat surface for miles.


This particular sign seemed to attract allot of attention and comment appearing on ‘you tube’ and other internet sites. It also got a mention in the ‘Times’, ‘Glasgow Herald’ and several other newspapers. Such was the interest that one day the ‘Sunday Mail’ phoned me asking about it and 3 days later it appeared as a full page article (there must not have been much news that week!) As all the many comments had been positive and I had a sticker or two left I placed one a mile further down the road (just in case people forgot).


However some extremely sad individual was not amused and sent a letter of complaint along with photos into the council! so they came over and pulled off the stickers (if they’d phoned me I would have saved them the ferry fare and done it myself) . Though I was a little annoyed that they had defaced my very own sign.


I did speak to the workers that had removed them and they had done it reluctantly, acting only because they had had an official complaint, the sad person had even complained about another sign which is on my driveway.

I find it quite incredible ( and sad ) that with all the pot holes in ‘Calums road’ the scrap cars at the end of it and all the broken passing place signs that someone should take the trouble to complain about such informative signs. Being somewhat worried about public safety I set about making another and this time placed it on my own pole and land.


So the council better not deface this one! If they are set on removing any signs on Raasay they could do worse than to remove this abomination and affront to the human rights of the islands children.


There is another marvelous sign on the island which I hasten to add is 10 miles from my house and has nothing whatsoever to do with me or our pigs. It does however make me smile every day as I drive past it on my way home.


I do hope the council don’t vandalize this wonderful tourist attraction.

The hole in our pier just got bigger!

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A much better day greeted me this morning after yesterdays gale, as it was dark i couldn’t see if there was any damage but I had a good feeling and was not worried. Think I felt good cos it was our wedding anniversary, 7 whole years since me and mrs C got spliced at Raasay house ! and I really don’t know how she puts up with me. Not only that it’s saturday which is the day before sunday and I do love sundays. So off I went to work in the old landrover somewhat miffed that the heater blower had stopped working but I wasn’t gonna let that get me down.  As the ferry didn’t run last night we were quite busy this morning and as it was dark when we left the pier I didn’t notice  the hole in the pier till we tied up for lunch.  Now the holes been there for a couple of years but the westerly gale last night has made it much larger.


They are building us another pier at the cost of 9 million or is it 15 but who knows when that’s gonna be started never mind finished, just hope it’s ready before the old one falls apart as i don’t fancy steaming back and forward to Kyle everyday.

The good side of all this bad weather is all the treasure that gets washed up and I manged to pick up some more great pieces of timber for making some bridges on the croft.

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