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September 25, 2018

Concrete here we come :-)

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Been a while hey, truth is I’ve just not been enthused enough to put ‘pen to paper so to speak. Sure I’ve been busy and much has happened, not that I can actually remember what but in reality it’s been no more than usual. Anyway, thought it was about time I ‘got back on the case’ so to speak. I am halfway through my ‘off shift’ and haven’t really got a great deal done yet. It’s been one of those weeks that you get when your getting on in years, weeks when you waste half the day on visiting doctors, opticians, dentists, solicitors and the vet. I kid you not, I’ve spent almost as much time on the ferry travelling to Skye and back as if I was working on it Smile

The weekend was quite productive right enough, managed some serious work up in the hen and wind turbine fields in preparation for the impending arrival of piglets. It’s been many a year since we had any of those born on Raasay for sure Smile


The two pig arcs had to be collected from Tarbert and Arnish and carried to their new homes on the croft, an area I’d previously prepped with Calum the Kubota.

DSCN0589 DSCN0590 DSCN0591

The flooring needed repairing with larch boards cut by Callum at the Raasay Sawmill. Actually that’s my next task, to go out and finish one of them. The main job today is concreting down at the slipway but it’s high tide just now and I’ll not be able to start pouring until 11:00ish.

DSCN0602 DSCN0600 DSCN0601

Was down there yesterday drilling and pinning the bedrock with galvanized bolts and rebar until the tide caught me out around 17:00.


Bugger, now it’s daylight it looks there’s too much motion for concreting below the high water mark Sad smile Was hoping the good blast of south wind we’d had through the night would nock the stuffing out of it. Judging by all that white fluffy stuff around Grian a Sgier, it’s not happened, still, I can bond all those bolts and rebar into position with Hilti resin and make up some shuttering, meanwhile I’ll bash on with my pig arc flooring.

So what’s been happening this last month?


Well someone who shall remain nameless fastened their jet ski to a ring on the pier when the tide was coming in Smile Had we not phone them from the ferry methinks it would have been an insurance claim Smile

Ode To A Jet-Ski Person

Jet-ski person, selfish fink,
May your silly jet-ski sink,
May you hit a pile of rocks,
Oh Hoonish, summer, coastal pox.

Noisy, smoking, dickhead fool
On your loathsome leisure tool,
Give us all a jolly lark
And sink beside a hungry shark.

Scream as in its fangs you go,
Your last attention-seeking show,
While on the beach we all join in
With ‘Three cheers for the dorsal fin!’

– Michael Leunig –

Whenever I see a jet ski I just can’t help thinking of Australian poet Michael Leunig’s amusing ditty Smile though I’m sure not all jet skiers are ‘dickhead fools’ Smile

The slipway got an unofficial testing and we launched and recovered a Pioner Maxi with the Subaru Smile


My son and I did some more salvage work on anchors and moorings.

DSCN0545 DSCN0550 DSCN0556 DSCN0557

And of course Norman and Iona got married and what a good bash that was. The bride arrived in a six ton dumper and the bridesmaids in the back of a ‘red neck hillbilly pickup’ awesome.


  Gotta go, see you later.


July 10, 2015

A few more pics

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Not so early a start this morning thanks to the box of wine wifey and I tore into last night. Well, we had something to celebrate, Royal Mail have finally employed some cover for the ‘Post lady’ Smile She’s not had a day off since November and has been asking for a relief since September. Consequently we’ve gone a booked a short wee break on Lewis in August, not quite the festival that I’d hoped for but at least I should return ‘fit for purpose’ and not like a ‘half shut knife’ Smile Truth is the old Thomson is out of commission at the moment, being full of our possessions and the ‘egg lady’s’ stuff, and my camping days are long by with. Would have been nice to tie the break in with the HebCelt but that’s my ‘fortnight on’. Afro Celt Sound System are headlining and they’re awesome.


So, it was at the back of 7:00am before I crawled out of bed and almost 8:00 before I was ‘filling the bucket’.

100715 002

As you can see it was a pure pish day, another reason for my lack of enthusiasm on the getting out of bed front. We have a burn just a couple of meters from the head of our double bed and it was pure raging. Took me right back to my childhood and camping with my parents in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, seldom did we pitch the tent far from a burbling brook or river.

2009 03 17 Kirkstone Troutbeck Park Farm and Ill Bell  Photo of Stainforth Force

That’ll be Troutbeck Farm on the left and Stainforth bridge on the right, both regular haunts in the Morris Minor 937 LLG, we even drove that car over the ‘Gran St Bernard’!!!!, both the tunnel and the coll. Burnt an exhaust valve out going over the top right enough but made it it back to Accrington on 3 cylinders Smile

Progress inside the house today was limited to fitting the shower screen and a loft aerial

100715 007 100715 008100715 004

but I was well impressed with the result. Dunno how well that antenna will work through the slate roof but I thought it was best to fit it before the 300mm of insulation!!!

100715 005 100715 006

Lachie also brought his caravan over to join our little campsite, methinks we’ll all be fighting over the TV aerial unless I order a splitter box Smile 

The missing month

I just knew I’d more pictures somewhere,

250812 050

Just another sunset at Sonas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

250812 024

Only a small snowdrift on the 28th of May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

250812 030250812 032

Not much grass here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


250812 038 250812 039

Hen with sore bottom Smile


250812 044 250812 046 250812 043

That’ll be the floor done at last.


250812 048 250812 049 250812 054

Skirting board, oak doors and water treatment.

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