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January 4, 2022


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Well, that’s it, the holiday is over and I’ll be back aboard MV Hallaig this afternoon for my ‘fortnight on’. Just 7:30AM now and I have poked my head outside, fully expecting to find the ground covered in snow or hail. Well that was the forecast and something was ratting my windows through the night.


Well, whatever it was it’s gone and there’s no sign of any of the white fluffy stuff around the house. Not that I can actually see very much cos it’s ‘black as the fire back’ outside, despite a clear starry sky. Apparently it’s 2 degrees outside but the wind that’s been howling all night from the north west makes it feel more like –3 and I’m in no rush to go back outside and confirm that.

Almost 9:00AM now, pretty much fully light and just back in from feeding the pigs, there’s plenty I could be doing outside prior to going back to work but I can’t say I’m enthusiastic.

P1200203 P1200202

The shallows around Grian a Sgeir are a maelstrom, Skye has a cold white dusting and it’s boodly Baltic outside. Ross is still home from Uni so I’ll leave the ‘to do’ list in his capable hands, along with the shopping and cooking for a week Smile


Well it’s certainly a contrast to yesterday’s weather and whilst the wind was in the same quarter it didn’t have anything like today’s attitude.

 P1200200 P1200199

So, having seen a few sheep recently on the wrong side of a fence I went for a ride over the South Arnish hill towards the fence and walked it’s precipitous route towards the south shore of Loch Arnish.

 P1200193 P1200201

Finding a damaged section, I made a mental note to return with a length of Ryloc to repair it but it won’t be today Smile Quite apart from it being too cold, I need to get some new tyres for my quad before I attempt that particular journey again Smile And now with 9:30 approaching fast, I’m gonna tear myself from the kitchen table, get wrapped up and venture outdoors Sad smile

January 3, 2022

In with a bang :-O

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Well it’s the third of January all ready, still pretty dark in the morning but the day’s are noticeably stretching. New Year’s by with and things return to normal, for one thing my morning coffee’s are once more black.


The bottle of Bailey’s still having a few more pots of coffee to fortify for any late ‘first footers’ Smile

I seem to remember Hogmanay being quite a civilised affair round at Torran Schoolhouse with friends for dinner


IMG_1588 IMG_1591

Oysters  and kedgeree followed by music, dancing and wine.

IMG_1592 IMG_1593

Not everyone joined in Smile Molly and Bonzo not being too impressed once the food had run out.

Don’t actually remember too much about the drive home other than I made it in one piece with both dogs sometime after 2:00am. Kinda early for New Year but I’m a bit of lightweight these days Smile


When I did eventually get out of bed around 11:00am and eased myself awake with some more Bailey’s infused coffee. The morning, or what was left of it looked rather uninviting outdoors.

P1200187 P1200189 P1200185

Not the 70MPH forecast but not far short of it. Consequently, apart from feeding the pigs.


I didn’t actually do very much. Indeed feeling hungry but incapable of actually making anything (including muesli) I went over to Torran to see if there were any leftovers from lunch. My hazy memory of the pervious evening recalling an offer of joining them for lunch.

P1200196 P1200194

Not wishing to arrive empty handed I took some pipe over for the latest project Winking smile



Not a great deal was achieved on Sunday though we did manage to start making some couplings up for joining the pipes together.

 IMG_1597 IMG_1598

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