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November 1, 2015

Recycling the ‘smalls’ :-)

Well that’s it, I’ve run out of socks and undies Sad smile I did pack ten of everything so I dunno what’s happened, or perhaps I’ve been away longer than I thought. Anyway I have now reached the point of having to sieve through my dirty linen to find the least offensive whiffy socks and boxers!! Well, at least I don’t have to lug them all home, I’ll leave most aboard Hallaig and just keep a couple for the journey north. Having said that the hotel will wash them, or at least get someone else to do it ‘for a fee’ but only during the week and for an extortionate fee.

The best meal ever

I really am a miserable old git, moaning about having to go out for meals instead of eating in the hotel. The ‘Holiday Inn Express’ only does breakfast and I’ve been sorely dischuffed at having to wander the Albert Dock looking for chuck. Me, I like to come home from work, have a beer, eat something and go back to my room. Sure there are plenty of restaurants around here and it seems to be a magnet for trendy people, it’s just ‘not my thing’. However, last night we wandered out the hotel, turned left and came across this place in yet another converted warehouse

 011115 001011115 002

It was Halloween, the dock was heaving with zombies, vampires, ghouls and ghosts yet we managed to get a table there with only a few minutes wait, at a fish tank!!!! I kid you not, we had our Kingfisher lager on a fish tank. I’d like to tell you what we ate but I can’t actually remember other than it was a couple of lamb based starters and a chicken main course for me.

011115 003 011115 004

My Lamb kebab type dish was lovely but the skippers was even nicer, luckily we did a little swapsie Smile The staff were brilliant and I’d definitely go back again, in fact if it were up to me I’d be back there tonight but I’ve been overruled Sad smile

Being far to old to spend a night on the town I turned in early as we’d a busy day ahead today, it may have been Sunday but the Cammell never seems to sleep.

011115 005 011115 012 011115 011

Sadly it was thick fog for most of the day, and with humidity at 87% the painting was cancelled for the day. It was even foggy inside the dock, still, at least it meant we could pump the fresh water over the side without upsetting the painters Smile

Also managed some serious mods on the anchor windlass arrangement, which has been less than ideal for the last two years.

011115 006 011115 008 

Now, thanks to some excellent fabrication by Ryan and Jim we have some lovely smooth chain guides and spurling pipes.

We did get finished a little earlier today but sadly, I was too tired and grubby to do any sight seeing.

011115 013 This will be the old light vessel LV 23 or Mersey Planet in the Canning dock


011115 014

This is the dock itself with the old warehouses and pumping station in the background.

October 31, 2015

It’s very nice really

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Just after 18:00 here at the Albert Dock in Liverpool and I suppose I should be grateful really, I’m in a lovely room here,


the ‘Holiday Inn Express’. It’s an old red brick  warehouse of some kind right on the dock front and has some amazing features, like huge steel doors, arched brick ceilings and granite gate posts.

 301015 832 301015 831

The view from my room on the fourth floor is nothing short of spectacular, but it’s just ‘not my thing’. Sure the staff are great, the rooms warm and clean, the shower amazing and the place is right in the hub of Liverpool. However, I’m like a fish out of water here and about 40 years too old!!!

311015 001 311015 002 311015 005

It seems to be the ‘in’ part of town to be and is just far too busy for me, worst of it is that the ‘Holiday Inn Express’ don’t do evening meals so you have to go out for one. This is great if you’re into all that trendy pish of dining with loud music in ‘hip’ establishments in the town, me I just want to get showered, have a pint, a meal then come back to my room and ‘talk pish’ on the internet Smile

Saturday night

See what I mean!!!! it’s 24 hours later and I was so wrecked after last night’s meal at some ‘hip’ establishment next door that I had to take the lift to the fourth floor and my room!!! Me, I never take the lift! by the time you get one of the things it’s usually quicker to take the stairs anyway. The ones that I’ve used in Glasgow flats usually stink of pish, and that’s half of western civilizations problems at the moment, folk are just too lazy!!!! Nae wonder the NHS is ‘chocker’ with ‘blobbies’ that have high blood pressure, diabetes and rotten teeth, no one walks anywhere these days!


311015 003

Sure the place next door that fronted right onto the dock was great, the ‘rare’ steak that was to my thinking ‘well done’ was just fine but by the time I ate it it was nearly 21:00 and I was pure blootered  on Stella!!!! Consequently the posting I was gonna do last night ‘fell by the wayside’ and it’s now 18:00 on Saturday!

So, with an hour left to go before I meet my compatriot at the bar I’d better make an attempt at posting this Smile



311015 009

The MV Hallaig in ‘Dry dock 6’ at Cammell Laird on the Mersey.

311015 010

As you can see, we have plenty of spare room in there Smile

311015 011

It is a rather large dock, well it would need to be, there’s twice the ‘rise and fall’ of water here compared to the Clyde.

311015 009 311015 010 311015 007

I have to say that I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the team here, OK, I can’t actually understand a word they say but they do seem to know what they’re doing Smile


311015 012

We’re right next door to the MV Lord Of The Isles, or LOTI as she is affectionately known. She’s one larger vessels of the Cal Mac fleet but is dwarfed by the 23,000ton RFA Fort Rosalie which was originally launched in 1976 as the RFA Fort Grange

RFA Fort Rosalie is the lead ship of her class of Royal Fleet Auxiliary fleet replenishment ships. Fort Rosalie was originally named RFA Fort Grange, but was renamed in May 2000 to avoid confusion with the now-decommissioned RFA Fort George, a change which was not universally popular. February 2014, arrived at North Western Ship repairs, Birkenhead, for further refit.

What that was all about I’ve not got a clue, cos, as any mariner will tell you, it’s extremely unlucky to change the name of a boat Smile Seriously my old fishing boat was launched in 1980 or thereabouts as the MFV Conqueror


and under that name it served its owner well. When it was a few years old the first owner sold it and the name was changed to MFV Truelove and the wee ship sank FIVE times!!!!! I ‘kid you not’, I salvaged it twice before buying it and changing its name back to MFV Conqueror, whereupon it gave me years of faithful service.

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