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January 13, 2008

2 down 11 to go

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Well actually they’re all spoken for but that’s the first two of the wains away down ‘Calum’s road’ and I have to say we’re all pretty pleased with how it went. For those not up to speed with the story the wains are our 13 tamworth piglets and we’ve sold 8 and are keeping 5 for fattening. First thing was to build a wee holding pen for the wee darlings as the various fields are a bit swampy to say the least. So me and the dude got busy with 4 pallets and some ratchet straps.


We had this most excellent construction up in minutes and it left me wondering how i ever got through life in the past without pallets, ratchet straps and of course a cordless drill, you can keep your mobile phones give me a cordless drill every time! With our temporary home  sorted we set about catching 2 fine boars for our first customer, well we’d actually donated these to a silent auction in the primary school but it felt like our first sale. Having only given the piglets a wee feed earlier it was easy to tempt them into a corner and confine them with a gate. All we had to do then was catch the ones we didn’t want and put them back with the others.


It was all pretty straight forward (apart from the mud) and the hardest bit was  carrying the two boys the 200yds to their wee pen. Mrs C had cut a bit of bedding for them and once they were settled inside I put a sheet of corrugated iron on the as a roof cos it had started to rain.


I did of course let mrs C out first but the poring rain had reminded me that I had put Braken and Bramble in the veg patch to dig it up and there’s no shelter in there so I thought I would go and let them out. When I got round there there was only one wet and miserable pig to be seen so I thought that Braken had escaped, that is until I saw her nose sticking out of a tiny shelter I had made for 4 tiny piglets!!!


As you can see more pallets!! The new owners took away 2 piglets and left 1 boy! well a friend of the dudes so we didn’t keep him. After lunch Mrs C got on with clearing ditches and I got a couple of trailer loads of rock for the road then one of logs for the fire. Took the dudes pal back down the road and upon my return tucked into Mrs Cs  pot roasted pork chops done in peppers and paprika.

All in all a very satisfying day.

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