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January 8, 2008

weaning Brackens wains

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Mrs C came to the conclusion that it was time to separate Bracken from her 5 young boys today and as she is the resident expert in breastfeeding in this household I bowed to her greater Knowledge.first-litter-076-small.jpg

This piccie was taken about 7 weeks ago they’re now fine wee boys. Mrs C got bracken out of the field no prob as the wee boys had their noses in a trough and showed little interest in mum as she shot out of the gate after mrs C and her bucket. The plan was to put her in with Bramble who was separated from her wains last week. Now Bramble and Bracken were bought as weaners a couple of years ago along with a couple of other tamworth gilts and we kept these 2 cos they got on so well. As soon as we put Bracken in with Bramble she promptly started to chase her and take several chunks out of her (well draw blood in a few places anyway). Meanwhile the second part of our plan was taking shape, mrs C had opened the gate to let Brambles 8 wains in with Brackens 5 wee boys (Brambles field resembles the Somme) and is needing a rest. All seemed to go well and they were all feeding together nicely so mrs C closed the gate and let them get on with it. Phoning me up and asking me to check on them when I got home from work around 7:30. Of course by the time I’d got home and unloaded my usual load of rock it was nearer 8:00 and p****ng down. Bracken and Bramble seemed to have reasserted their pecking order and settled down but Brambles poor wee wains were in a muddy corner of the field trying to get back to their own arc whilst the others were tucked up in theirs. Needless to say I opened the gate and let them in.


I had to go to work at an ungodly hour this morning so didn’t get chance to see the herd (dunno if that’s what you call pigs?) anyway mrs C left the gate open between the wains field and fed them altogether no problem and now they’re all bouncing around together so perhaps we’ll just leave the gate open and they can sleep where they like. I finish work tonight for a week and have got quite a few jobs to catch up with. Sort the water leak on mrs Cs car (again) service the landrover, cut wood, fit a new sink, cut bedding, to name but a few and I’ll probably have to work till 10:00 tonight but i don’t care cos it’s tueasday!!!!!!

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