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April 1, 2022

Going to bed for a warm :-)

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Well it’s the 1st of April and what a start to the month

P1000679 P1000677 P1000676

it’s snowing Surprised smile OK, not much and it isn’t lying but the water is frozen and Molly refused to come out for a walk Smile Truth is I’d have preferred the warmth of the caravan to the ‘great outdoors’ but Bonzo is an action dog, his enthusiasm curtailed only by the lead I have to keep him on. Poor wee dug, he’s used to Raasay’s North End where there are no sheep, cars or even many people to chase or make friends with. The only things he can chase being pigs that can look after themselves and deer which he can’t catch. Not that that stops him trying and I gave up shouting him years ago, all that does is make me horse, so what’s the point. He comes home eventually, usually 20 minutes later covered in mud. I guess at five years old when I got him he was already ‘set in his ways’.

Mule’s a goer Smile

Anyway the weather up until this morning has been fantastic, though it turned cold yesterday morning with the water being frozen but soon the sun was up with a lovely day commencing with a spot of shopping Surprised smile

P1000657 P1000658

Well I needed bread a spatula and sieve and having got fed up of frying eggs with a fork and pouring half my pasta down the sink I thought it was about time I did something about it. Tobermory at 8:30 on a sunny spring morning is hard to beat for a shopping trip though I only came away with bread, salt and bin liners Sad smile 

P1000662 P1000661

The trusty MV Loch Linnhe berthed alongside the art deco CalMac office, both relics of bygone times still doing sterling service Smile 

After my brief shopping trip it was back up Sgriob-ruadh Farm the home of Mull cheese to finish off the Mule.

P1000652 P1000651

Bonzo coming to work with me and Molly staying at home.

P1000665 P1000666 P1000667

If I’m not very much mistaken that looks like an Anderson shelter in the garden

A WWII DIY air raid shelter that you buried in your garden some 2.1 million were made, many being repurposed as garden sheds after the war.

Once in the nice big shed I got reacquainted with the Mule, eventually having it starting off the key around midday.

 P1000668 P1000653

Whereupon I went for a wee test run around the farm, all went well and after buttoning a few odds and ends up I left the cosmetics and panels for Cameron to fit Winking smile Me I’m on holiday Smile so spent the afternoon down at Aros Park  with the dugs.

P1000671 P1000672

The estate used to belong to Alexander Hugh Allan of the shipping line fame


Who sold out is shipping interests to become a full time Laird, sadly that didn’t work out and the once grand estate fell into disrepair. The land being bought by the Forestry Commission the house by a breaker who stripped out all of the fittings Sad smile Eventually the army demolished it as it was deemed unsafe and that was in the 1950’s so it must have been REALLY unsafe Smile


The dugs and I walked down to the old pier which had collapsed since I last visited in the early eighties.

P1000669 P1000670

However there are plans to rejuvenate the area and its boatshed, sawmill and I really hope it works out because it is a beautiful spot just across the bay from Tobermory.

P1000675 P1000674

As well as being home to loads of exotic trees and the choking rhododendron that Victorian type wannabe Lairds were fond of there are also some skunk cabbages growing there. First time I saw these was at Lochaline a few years ago and I thought they were Triffids Smile The book obviously making a lasting impression on me Smile

I guess that was about it for yesterday (Thursday), I did try writing some stuff down but it was that cold I went to bed with my socks on Surprised smile Still got em now right enough but I’ll be removing them tonight Smile


  1. The first time I saw skunk cabbage was in Ardtornish Garden all those years ago so not far from Lochaline. Probably escapees from the garden as they seed easily and into watercourses.
    Are you going to be having fish and chips from the van on the harbour side?

    Comment by glenelgadventure — April 1, 2022 @ 7:36 pm

    • The battered smoked sausage is something else. It’s a must try first visit

      Comment by Dave Butler — April 1, 2022 @ 8:05 pm

  2. “so it must have been REALLY unsafe” 🤣🤣 That really tickled me. Startled the dog and cat laughing out loud and nearly inhaled my coffee…

    Chief you really must go on holibobs more often. Your eye for interesting things is second to non and this just makes me want to buy some Mull Cheese in person!

    Comment by Matt — April 2, 2022 @ 9:49 am

  3. Anderson shelter tin was great for den building as 70s kids. We tried using a section as a sledge once but the snow was too soft, which was just as well considering the slope. My great gran used to say ” bombed from above and gassed from below ” sheltering during air raids following my fathers (a toddler then) use of his potty. Hope the weather warms up for you.

    Comment by Andy — April 2, 2022 @ 4:25 pm

    • That did make me chuckle… cheers for sharing that Andy 😃

      Comment by Matt — April 2, 2022 @ 4:40 pm

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