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January 10, 2008

A good day

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Well after yesterdays storm today was like a breath of fresh air. The day had a good feel about it and I couldn’t wait to get up, as I was full of enthusiasm I left mrs C in bed and went out to feed in the dark. The dude got himself ready for school and we set off early to see if we could bag a rabbit for dinner. The rabbit hunting was fruitless and we never even managed a shot but I suppose we were being a bit optimistic and not leaving ourselves time and I wouldn’t want the dude to be late for school! The 10 mile drive was a pleasure with a dusting of snow on the red and black cuilins and the lights of fishing boats making up for lost sea time yesterday. I suppose I must have done this half hour drive thousands of times yet I never tire of it though I’m more surprised to see another vehicle than an eagle or magnificent stag. Dropped the dude off at school then loaded up my usual trailer load of rock and headed home for breakfast.

After a bite to eat mrs C and I got on with moving one of the arcs to a fresh part of the Somme ( I mean field ) We are going to give this field a rest and clear the drains out.3-077-small.jpg

All the wee piglets were now in the same field but we wanted to move them to yet another so they were all on fresh neutral ground with a different house. The plan was to put them in the ‘old spots’ field and leave the old sots out on the hill using our trailer as a shelter. After yesterdays epic today was quite straight forward, we locked the old spots out on the hill, cut some bedding for the trailer, cleaned out the old spots arc and led the wee tamworth into the old spots field with a bucket.

the new house

This is one of the older tamworths checking out the new house (he is most impressed) And all this before lunch!

After lunch mrs C got on with her favourite pastime of clearing drains (with a little help)


Whilst I got on with changing oil and greasing  the landy (with a little help)


All in all a very good day

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