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February 6, 2018

The mouse menace :-)

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5:00 AM and all is well, OK it’s 5:30 now the Dow Jones is down 12,000 points (whatever that means) and I’ve just made dinner. Bit early I know but it’s a chicken, nudja bacon and mushroom casserole

DSCN0459 DSCN0462

and I’m salivating looking at it. Mind you, I’ll not be eating it for another 15 hours!! It is of course Tuesday, my last Tuesday so, after a visit to me Mammies I’ll be relieving my trusty ‘back to back’ and commencing my ‘two weeks on’.

Typically I couldn’t sleep last night so was up before 5:00 this morning. Dunno why but I never sleep well before returning to work, probably thinking of all the stuff I didn’t do this last fortnight. Sure, I’ve not had any big projects on this last ‘rest period’ but I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved and at least I’ll be able to drive to work with a working heater now Smile Not only that but I’ll be able to see where I’m going when reversing having also replaced the reversing light switch too. Sadly the Eberspacher cab heater is still ‘work in progress’ I tested that yesterday and have a sneaky feeling that the ECU is dodgy Sad smile Great resource on that site but it’s a bit random and chaotic . After servicing the heater the fan now starts immediately on high speed like this! that thread and what I’ve read on the Letonkis site seems to indicate an ECU fault but I’m not convinced, like I say ‘work in progress’. Be good to get it sorted before the winter is over right enough, getting into a warm vehicle with no condensation or frost on the windows is kinda nice Smile


The starter in place.

The last day

It wasn’t the ‘pure peach’ that it was on Sunday right enough but apart from the cold southerly wind it was a fine enough day and it started off well enough with two dead mice.

DSCN0454 DSCN0457 DSCN0458

Not only have the wee feckers been eating all our vehicles they’ve made a nest in the Land Rover’s battery compartment under the passenger seat!!! I only noticed it when working at queer angle on the Eberspacher. My nose was jammed by the passenger seat I I caught a funny whiff. The ‘Old Girl’ always has that damp Land Rover smell anyway but this was tinged with urine!! Further investigation revealed a large mouse nest behind one of the batteries!!!


Not as nice as Sunday but lovely just the same.


Hard at work, Duncan and Robert from DDK repairing the flashing around the schoolhouse chimney.

P1130476 P1130468 

Boat moored in Loch Arnish, a sure sign of good weather Smile

An old fish trap

P1130469 P1130470 P1130471

The old caridh (fish trap) at Port Arnish, it’s hard to believe these days but not that long ago these stone traps were a common sight and used to trap fish on a falling tide. There’s one in Loch Arnish and a much larger one in the South Fladda anchorage. You can see any number of them driving around highland sea lochs at low tides.


The shed and ‘harbour wall’ at Port Arnish.


February 2, 2018

I’m a Seaman :-)

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Well, I didn’t think I’d be back at work so soon but here I am as a seaman right enough and not a motorman but at work nonetheless. Still at least I’ve got the Internet here so can catch up with everything in cyberspace in relative comfort.


Better than being sat at 90 degrees in the car with the engine running and heater on at Brochel, or is it? at least in the car I can go home when I please. Having said that I’m actually at home now in my PJ’s giving my eyes a rest from ‘Wonders of Salvage’ by David Masters, first printed in 1924 but I’m reading the 1944 version with photographs, though I also have a 1929 copy.


It aint all bad being Internetless and I’ve a very large bookcase to go through.

Anyways, after the brief spell at Brochel this morning I returned home and got on with a little path work.

DSCN0410 DSCN0411

You would think that with a 3ton dumper and digger I’d have given up on picking rocks by hand and putting them in a bucket.

DSCN0412 DSCN0413

Not a chance, I found it quite therapeutic, hunkered down with my back to the wind picking up just the right sized stone into a plastic bucket and lifting it into the trailer. Sadly, or was it luckily my mate Donnie from DDK design was needing both quad and trailer to do some work so I only managed one load. Then I set about lightening the garden gate and then strengthening it. This was actually a temporary fix some years ago using the pallet that my Rolls batteries came on. It worked just fine but was a little on the heavy side so I cut it in half and fitted a brace. It’s still ‘work in progress’ but at least I don;’t have to worry about pigs getting in the garden as we’re busy eating them Smile

It was also time for ‘number 2 breakfast’ so I retired for into the house for a couple of fried eggs and a warm.

 P1130376 P1130384

Trouble with a view like this from your table, it’s kinda hard to tear yourself away.

P1130377 P1130394

This will be the ‘Wilk’ or ‘Bonnet’ reef just south of Grian s Sgier and you only ever see it breaking when it’s stormy like this. There is one to the north of Grian a Sgier too and I always get them mixed up, one is supposed to break like a bonnet and the other is supposed to look like a whelk. Methinks that it’s the one to the north that looks more like a winkle than a bonnet but you can’t see it from the house.


That’s Grian a Sgier, the ‘Sunny Rock or Skerry’.

Back to the Eberspacher

After running out of rocks I once more turned my attention to the diesel heater in the Land Rover.

DSCN0414 DSCN0415 DSCN0416

It’s very straight forward to pull apart, just 6 plastic clips and half a dozen M5 Pozi set screws, though the screws do require care WD40 and even heat to remove them. That heat sensor in the middle image had come out of its clip so that may explain poor performance and frequent shut downs.


More likely though it was just the fact that it was pure coked up with carbon but much scraping and hoovering sorted that.

Right that’s it, I’m at work Smile

P1130412 P1130418

The wind is away, the swell is still here and I’m a seaman for the day Smile

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