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January 5, 2008

we got our ferry back

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Was a pretty scaby night last night with strong south easterly winds and p*****g rain and i was very reluctant to get up load up my two wheelie bins to take them down the 11 miles for the bin man. As i work week on week off i take my bins down to the ferry once a fortnight when I’m working. They will actually come and get them if i ask but it seems a bit pointless when I’m driving down anyway. Once I’d loaded them into the trailer and got soaked it stopped raining so off i went to work at the slightly later time of 6:45.  I was actually looking forward to work as we were due to get our own ferry back today ‘Loch Striven’ as she’d been away for her annual re fit and we’ve had the ‘Loch Linnhe’ as a replacement.3-046-small.jpg

Now there’s nothing wrong with the ‘Loch Linnhe’ in fact it’s a wee bit faster and quieter than the ‘Loch Striven’ but it was  good to get our own boat back. She arrived at around 14:30 and the Linnhe went off to Kyle, we then got on with the job of cleaning her up. Mrs C back on the croft had to go looking for the 4 glouscester old spots that had gone AWOL, whilst doing this she came across a police car, now if you know where we live (on an island 10 miles down a single track road) you will realize how unusual this is, ‘have you seen any pigs’ says she!! I would have loved to have seen his face .

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