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September 14, 2012

A late flush :-)

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I’m back Smile only for a week right enough, and half of that will be at work, but I’m home at last Smile Jeez it feels good, and what’s more it’s been a bonny day. Not that you’d believe it after what ‘mother nature’ threw at us yesterday, howling gales and pishing rain from the Clyde to Cape Wrath from what I can gather, with many ferry sailings cancelled and our school children sent home early. Well all of them apart from the Dude that is, for he stays at the hostel, what’s more I think he actually likes it Smile Gosh, I bet I go away, come back in December and don’t recognize him, or at least his voice Smile

Anyway, as you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been on here for a day or two as I’ve been escaping from a confined space Smile Or to be more accurate, I’ve been on the first training course of many, this one was all about working in and getting out of ‘confined spaces’ safely. I’d like to tell you who ran the course but they seem to be having a bit of an ‘identity crisis’ at the moment, the paperwork said the uniforms said and there was no sign on the building Sad smile Every warehouse, office and potacabin on the industrial estate that was once the Chrysler factory had a dirty great sign proclaiming their corporate identity, every one that is bar the one I was looking for, that had a bit of A4 stuck to the window.

Which from the window of a Nissan Almera at 25 yards in the pishing rain might just as well not have been there Smile Having said that it was the only fault in a well delivered days training, well that and the lunch of egg sandwich, crisps, Irn Bru, Tunnock’s caramel bar and token apple Smile Seriously it was good course and the huge mock up of a ships interior with hatches, watertight doors, ladders and obstacles was excellent, especially once they turned the lights of and put some smoke in Smile I do love dark confined spaces, comes from years of diving and grubbing around in shipwrecks Smile

However, before all this I was on Raasay until catching the 12:15 ferry for Sconser and heading south.



A bonny morning it was too with all the showers passing us by with a rainbow in their wake.



I fed the pigs, wifey dealt with the hens and found a nest of twenty eggs in the barn!!!!!



The culprit strutting about very proudly after giving the customary ‘I’ve laid an egg’ call.


008  009

So after gleefully removing the real eggs we stuck an imitation one in the nest to encourage her not to seek alternative accommodation.  

Look, I’ve laid an egg 🙂

Just in case you’ve forgotten here’s the noise Smile I said ‘gleefully removing’ because all but the last one of these eggs would be retained by ourselves as we don’t know how old they are. Wifey would of course ‘candle’ them to make sure they were OK but we’d not be putting them into the shop.

Heading South

All too soon it was time for me to leave and I did so the sound of an Agatha Christie CD/novel ‘Cat amongst the pigeons’ which kept me amused all the way to Glasgow.


Through Glencoe


past the late Jimmy Saville’s house and some spectacular scenery.


I wasn’t in a rush so stopped at a favourite spot of mine that I discovered quite by accident some years ago. It’s a little oasis of native woodland and a flooded quarry near Glencoe. Driven past daily by thousands of motorists it’s a little haven greenery in an often drab and barren landscape.



I know the picture is carp but the sun was just way too bright



see what I mean about ‘oasis’ Smile



though I’m obviously not the first person to have found it Smile



Thanks to Jim and John for putting a fine bench there and obviously maintaining it, or at least someone does.

That was it on the photo front heading south, after my course the day after I headed home,




or at least I did until I met these two stuck on Loch Lomondside, sadly an all too common occurrence in the summer. I’ve been in coach when this has happened and wifey too has been trapped behind two stuck vehicles. How on earth in this safety obsessed, risk averse, sue you ar5e off society the Scottish Office can be responsible for a trunk road, an artery in fact that is two narrow in many places for  two vehicles to pass is beyond me. Fortunately I was only held up around five minutes as they juggled ‘to and fro’ but I’ve seen it go on for much longer.



The lush green of grass and purple of heather was certainly absent on the way north, the blue sky and cotton wool clouds replaced by grey cloud, grey mist, grey and grey torrents of water down the glens.

Back home

An early night at my parents followed by an early rise saw me on the 8:25 ferry and home an hour later, hectic though the previous days had been i wasted no time in getting ‘stuck in’.


The first task after finding the missing pigs was to remove some air from one of my penstock pipes. It’s never been an issue in the past but the pigs have been digging and rooting around the pipes, creating a high point where air could get trapped. easily sorted by drilling a small hole then plugging it with a stainless screw.



Well, it is easy once you actually find the pipe that is Smile


032  033

It was whilst looking for blue pipe that I found a bounty of yellow mushrooms, chanterelles no less that had been absent this summer due to the drought. The recent deluges of late having brought on a ‘late flush’ of this annual delicacy.


They were however a little waterlogged and past their prime but certainly good enough for a casserole or drying.

Leaving them on the kitchen table so that all the ‘wee beasties’ could vacate them I got on with the mail box’.


As soon as the MCA condemned the fire hose box below the wheelhouse on the Loch Striven I started wracking my brain for a use for it. It wasn’t until last Saturday when I removed the soaking letters and parcels from our ‘US Mail’ box that I found one Smile OK, I had to patch up a few holes and repair the catch but it’s a big improvement on the old one in both size and watertight integrity  Smile


The less said about what I did next the better, a simple trip to Loch Beag to see if the water level had risen with the recent rain turning into a bit of an epic Sad smile


Still, at least the water level had come back up up after the long dry summer that had seen it and others at record lows.

Chanterelle and Manchego casserole

After doing a little work on the caravan my thought turned to dinner, wifey was on the post and both wind and hydro turbines were going great so i figured some kind of casserole was on the cards. A quick ‘Google’ turned up this and whilst I’d no cream, chervil, white wine or parmesan it did get me on the right track Smile



A lot of chanterelles,

A lot of Manchego

2 red onions

3 rashers of smokey bacon

3 small courgettes

3 large cloves of garlic


It really was very simple, white wine would have been good and parmesan may have been better but it required no salt or water, the water from both the zucchini and shrooms being ample.

All I did was cut the bacon into strips, the onion into C’s, the shrooms as seen and the garlic plus courgettes in slices, built it up in layers, added a little freshly ground pepper  and piled a whole heap of the grated sheep’s cheese on top of it.


042 043 044

Vegetarians could skip the pig and use some Marigold or veggie stock, just bung it in the oven for 40 mins at around 200, awesome Smile

Anway, that’s it, I’m off to bed


weather 140912

so I’ll just leave you with the weather

graph 140912

which seems to have gone ‘pearshaped’ around 22:00 but I’m too tired to deal with it now.


May 10, 2011

Chased by rainbows :-)

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It’s been a while since I was on here, though it’s not been through lack of trying, well at least not last night anyway. Sunday night was a busy evening despite finishing work early but somehow I just never seemed to be able to get it together to post.

It was a fine enough day that greeted me with a new born Soay lamb,

070511 030

the first one this year to our three ewes.

070511 033

It also saw the first signs of an increase in power from our ‘Stream Engine’ water turbine in almost a week. It was only .9 of an amp, around 45w but it was rising all the time thanks to the recent bout of rain, reaching a respectable 200w by the time I arrived home from work today (Tuesday).

070511 035

Leaving for work early I caught sight of the coaster Lyrika heading south ready load Raasay’s timber.


At 1909 gross tons and with a length of over 86m her ‘air draft’ can be reduced to 6m by lowering her masts and wheelhouse. A crucial factor as much of the timber is going to Belgium under some very low bridges.


070511 036

The lowlands of Belgium being a far cry from the dramatic scenery of Raasay, here’s Dun Caan and ‘The White Face’ on Raasay’s east side just a mile or so further down the road. I really hate drudge of the daily commute to work 🙂

It may have started off fine but by the time I arrived on the Loch Striven the day had gone downhill 😦

070511 037

Two hours later the coaster was tied up in half a gale of pishing rain alongside JST’s floating pier at Suisnish.

070511 040

However by late afternoon it had cleared up and the Lyrika awaited patiently for Monday and the end of the Sabbath 🙂

The day at work was the usual mellow day of drills, cleaning and maintenance  before heading home for a belated birthday treat of roast Ginger, Ginger being our now frozen five year old Tamworth boar 😦 He had a good life, created dozens of piglets and had a quick end. Ginger will not be forgotten 🙂

090210 009 image image

Tolerating Molly stealing his food, playing football with the boy or helping me cut firewood, Ginger was one of the family 🙂

070511 046

That was about it for Sunday, after dinner I helped wifey pack the boys bag ready for the Raasay primary school trip to Edinburgh on Monday. Well when I say help it was more of moral support rather than actually doing anything, it’s going to be very difficult for me and the swineherd this next week, we’ll have to start talking to each other 🙂

Seriously though he’s only eleven and in not much more than a few weeks he’ll be leaving home 😦 or at least staying in the hostel when he goes to Portree High in August, where does time go ????


Monday, if I recall correctly was a slightly better day than Tuesday insomuch as the showers were further apart 🙂

100511 002

The 20 000ton cruise ship Discovery was anchored in Portree bringing much needed dollars to Skye’s capital.

100511 004

Here she is on the ‘AIS’ along with the Lyrika during the afternoon.

There was other stuff but I’ve forgotten it, that’s what happens when your 55 🙂 I did try to tell you all about it but HYLAS wouldn’t let me for he seemed to be having an ‘off day’. In all fairness the ‘ highly adaptable satellite’ that has been providing me with ‘broadband’ this last two weeks has preformed far better than the previous offering from my ISP, but yesterday he just didn’t want to know.


He probably got distracted by those nymphs 🙂


Well there was much more to Tuesday than this but I’ll leave you with it anyway as it’s time for bed.

 100511 009

Hard working clam divers off  Sconser Lodge.

100511 010

A piper tuning his pipes at Sconser

100511 015

in readiness for piping someone to their ancestral home 🙂

100511 017

A rainbow over Inverarish


100511 020

with its other end on the old pier and the Lyrika.

100511 021

Another one for tying up in the pouring rain,

100511 022

one for guiding me home,

100511 025

one at Brochel,


100511 030

one at the end of the road

100511 031

and finally one at home 🙂

100511 032

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