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January 16, 2008

An ordinary kind of day

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Well it was back to the ferry for me today for my week on and it was a cold crisp dark morning as i headed down ‘Calum’s road’ at 6:30am and straight into a traffic jam!! Well that’s kinda relative to what your used to and if I meet any vehicles at all on my 11 mile journey it’s a bit of an event. Today I met 2 vehicles though the first one was actually the gritter so I should not have been so suprised, but it seemed to appear from nowhere and gave me a bit of shock as i met it just coming out of a dip. When I’d eventually fought my way through the traffic to the ferry pier I was suprised yet again, this time by all damage to the pier that had been caused by last weeks storm. There were large pieces of timber lying on top of pier that had been ripped off the structure by the force of the sea and small stones strewn everywhere. One of the smaller ones, about 6’x1’x4″ had apparantly landed on the ferry, fortunately without doing any damage.

The day turned out to be very busy with allot of commercial traffic, lorries for the big renovation of Raasay house, lorries taking stuff away relating to the new school extension which is at last finished. The gas tanker and the long awaited coal lorry making it’s first delivery since before christmas. This meant we were running pretty much all day so not much else got done though I did manage to get a load of rock for my road in the lunch break. After tying up for the night at 7:00 I wound my way back northwards beneath a starry sky to be greeted by ‘Orion the hunter’ standing watch over our little cottage.


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