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December 31, 2017

Hogmanay it is :-)

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So that’s it, 2017 is drawing to a close and it’s not that long since I got used to writing 2017 on cheques and the like. No kidding, some places still take them, PITA that they are. Sadly I still have to use the things now and then cos I’m not very good with cash, keys, pens, glasses or penknives. Don’t ever give me any of the former cos I’ll loose them and I suppose I should have hearing aids to the list, I’ve only had em two weeks and already I’ve lost one Sad smile

As I mentioned previously it’s been a whole ten years on here, which means it’s a decade since and the epic Hogmanay at Torran.


Whilst the old croft house is sadly missing dearest Jessie this year,


most of the clan Nicolson are there and methinks that is where we’ll be heading tonight Smile There is gonna be an epic sesh down at the Raasay boatshed with my crewmates providing sustenance, music, craic and jollification. Sure, we are torn between the two but it’s a case of stay sober and drive 20miles in the Land Rover or get wrecked and bounce along the Torran track on the quad with the wife on the back Smile Pretty sure it’s gonna be pure kickin’ at the boatshed

it certainly was last year Smile

However, I finished work this morning and came home to do a little ‘guerrilla road works’

 P1130189 P1130190 P1130191

on ‘Calum’s road’. These puddles have just been getting larger and larger with all the rain and snow. Sure the Council should be sorting it but there excuse is lack of money, well it took me 10 minutes with a shovel and it’s the suspension on my cars that get fecked due to their lack of maintenance.

My son too was on the roadwork’s,

P1130186 P1130187 P1130195

he took Calum the Kubota down the Torran track and did some ditching.


He’s pretty damn good at it too, the Dude has the patience inherited from his mother Smile

Six months in the cage Sad smile

The poor ‘wee dug’ has been confined to a cage for six months in the hope her detached ligament will repair.


As you can see, she is far from impressed Sad smile

No more work this year Smile

So that’s about it really, the last couple of days at work were a little manic, especially getting in there with the treacherous roads but our local contractor managed to keep them clear, so no disruption on that front, unlike other places on the mainland and Skye. Much as I moan about HRC, considering all the financial cuts we get a pretty good service really compared to some.

P1130176 P1130177 P1130180

Ben Tianavaig, Dun Caan and Dun Caan covered in cloud.


That’ll be Emby and Ali gettin’ a little carried away with a pre 2018 clear up Smile Won’t be able to find a feckin thing next year Smile

December 28, 2017

Ten years on!!

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Well, I just don’t believe it, WordPress just told me I’ve been blogging for ten years!!

 10 years on

Imagine that, who’d have thought I would have kept this up for so long, not as prolific as in my heyday of 2012/13 when almost half a million folk a year visited but even the last couple of years have seen almost a quarter of a million annually. In total some 3,015,138 in ten years have visited ‘The End of The Road’ Life at the end of the road | the trials and tribulations of an accidental crofter golly gosh, that’s rather a lot.

Useless new Nokia 3310

Once more I’m having problems in the communication department, this time it’s the phone again. Not the HTC Wildfire that I inherited from my son but the brand new Nokia 3310 that darling wife bought me for Christmas, a proper ‘dumb’ old persons phone that is just that, a phone. I gotta say when I opened the box and found this screaming red phone I was ‘well chuffed’. None of that touch screen mince but proper keys you can operate in the pishing rain with gloves on. It was when I came to fit the SIM card that things went ‘pear shaped’, the new phone needs a micro SIM!!!! Now I know that that is no big deal cos you can just cut down a regular SIM but of course the Internet was off here on Christmas day so I’d no template Sad smile So all I could do was charge it up and rant.

I mean, this is a phone for old people and those that despise smart phones. Most of the folk that will buy this ‘SIM free’ phone will be lugging round an old brick like mine, so why the feck did they put a micro SIM in it???? Oh well methinks, I can chop it at work on Boxing Day.

SIM Card Sizes Explained – How to Convert SIM to micro SIM Card

Sure it’s not a big deal but anyone who’s in the market for one of these phones is more than likely someone who does not like change and may not even have the Internet, believe me there are still some. So they are unlikely to have a phone with a micro SIM in it, like me Smile

So, on Boxing Day I set about hacking my SIM (which has fitted every single phone I’ve had in 20 years) as per instructions on the Internet.


Well that went just fine until I fitted in my new Nokia 3310 which would not work, had I cut the SIM card wrongly? was the phone faulty? was the network down? Not a chance, the problem is that this feckin phone does not work on 3 or the 3g network!!!!! I kid you not after a little Googling I discovered this phone is absolutely useless to me and now I’ve cut the SIM so is my HTC,at least until 3 send me another SIM that is.

Boodly snow

The first full working day after Christmas had me waking to a blizzard and snow drift at the front door.


Despite setting off 15 minutes early I was 20 minutes late, well later than usual, I was still there 40 minutes before sailing.

P1130132 P1130133 P1130134 P1130135

The snow was deep, the Land Rover sliding once or twice and trees were bent over the road with the weight of snow.

As soon as I arrived at work I phoned home on the ship’s phone cos I’d not got a working one!! Good job I didn’t come off the road hey, not even the snow plough made it all the way too Arnish. Anyway, I advised the Post Lady she’d be wise to stay at home and phone in work to get the other postie out. She being dedicated and hormonal promptly ignored me and drove down in her Subaru, I was well impressed with both her and the car Smile

P1130143 P1130144

Dun Caan and the Storr, proper Alpine hey.


The ‘well boat’ MV Viking Gripfisk  rolling through the Raasay Narrows.

Later on the snow showers turned to sleet and much of it melted


even the freshly made snowman was looking in a sorry state when I got home. It did freeze for a little while

weather 27

but by 20:00 it was warming up again and stayed well above freezing all night. Not that I knew that then, so it was a bit of a shock to see most of the snow gone this morning.

P1130158 P1130159

The Storr and Goat Island and low sun over the Moll.


Flowering Bracken on the Arduish.


Afternoon sun.

P1130165 P1130164 P1130169

Moon comes up over Scalpay and sun goes down over Loch Sligachan all pictures taken at 15:47

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