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December 13, 2018

The ‘blood red’ sky :-)

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Well, that’s our Internet back up and running thanks to Sean at Applenet who must have snook over and fixed it whilst I wasn’t looking Smile Storm Deidre ‘took it out’ last week and I’ve been Internetless since Friday. Not an entirely bad thing as we speak to each other more and I’ve caught up on some paperwork but it is pretty handy for the weather forecast Smile OK it’s handy for a gazillion things and essential for many but to be honest when I’m working I’ve got 4g at work with me MiFi dongle so I can usually do essential stuff there. You know the really essential stuff like posting on Facecloth Smile

P1140377 P1140378 P1140379

I just couldnae help myself this morning, it was boodly awesome


and it was by no means unique to Raasay, I some other cracking pictures from around Skye.

As for ‘sailors warning’ well, it was pretty fresh with a good blast of south wind hitting 40knts at times (must have been boodly windy for Sean fixing me broadband mast) but at least it was dry.

P1140386 P1140387

Didn’t envy Ali Bruce and his clam divers out in the Sarah right enough, methinks it was a better day for fish farming than clam diving and I’ve done both Smile


Inverlussa Marine’s very capable work boat Kiera Fiona was busy at the Braes fish fish farm for most of the day along with their own land craft Bheinn Fhada


That was it really, we spent the day shuttling too and fro and I gave Bonzo his lunchtime stroll along the beach, ole Bonzo was very interested in this seaweed Smile


The last sailing was blank each way so we got tied up a few minutes early and I went to admire the Raasay Distillery ‘Cask Tree’ 

DSCN1730 DSCN1735 DSCN1736


September 29, 2018

More rainbows less rain :-)

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On the face of it today’s forecast wasn’t as good as yesterday’s but it got off to a great start and just got better. Even the dogs had a spring in their step today and when we got back in from our 7:00am walk it was fully light and the first breakfast of last night’s baked potato fried up with an Arnish egg went down a treat. Fatally I didn’t go out straight away cos I kept getting distracted.

 P1130993 P1130992 P1130995

Well you would wouldn’t you with a view from the breakfast table like this hey Smile 

P1140001 P1130998 P1140002

And it just kept getting better. Rainbows there may have been a plenty but the actual rain never really arrived and I managed to get well stuck into my shelter foundations.

DSCN0653 DSCN0654 DSCN0652

First job was to finish the shuttering then seal the smallest of gaps with expanding foam. Normally the foam wouldn’t be required but I’d be using the vibrating poker on this job to ensure a good bond into all the nooks and crannies. Whilst out side doing that I found a few good pieces of steel so hacked them up and threw them in the founds. Next it was down to the shore to drag up some reinforcing mesh to add into the founds.

DSCN0656 DSCN0658 DSCN0662

For this I had the company of our pigs who were quite clearly on heat Smile The wee beggars followed me all the way home then proceeded to eat my newly injected foam Sad smile

DSCN0661 DSCN0663

Me, I got on with cutting up the mesh then mixing concrete, the vibrating poker turning the large cow pats of stiff and strong mix into a lovely soup that flows into all the voids and air spaces. Trouble is yer concrete don’t go anywhere near as far Sad smile Still it’ll be really strong.


The me of not that long ago would have kept going until I finished but with the distiller being home and hungry at around 15:30 I joined her for some lovely fresh haddock around 17:30 then cleared up the mess and came in just as the MV Albatross  was departing Portree.

 DSCN0665 P1140007

All lit up with the Trotternish ridge behind, it was pretty poor light by then and she was a long way away.

MS Albatros.jpg Better picture of the 1970’s beauty from Andreas Trepte on Wikipedia. Probably one of the last cruise ships of the 2018 I would guess, It’ll October soon.


So that’s it, almost 7:30 now and my plant beckons Smile

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