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January 6, 2019

Concrete by moonlight :-)

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Well that was a quick day by with and I definitely prefer them that way, retirement cannot come too quickly for me, then perhaps I can start doing things I dislike to stave off the arrival of the Grim Reaper Smile Yup, keeping busy and doing things you enjoy definitely makes the days fly by, perhaps I’m just easily satisfied Smile Anyway after retrieving the Searider I headed home for first breakfast and awaited the arrival of daylight, fixing myself some crab on toast and using Baileys in my tea instead of milk.

           DSCN1922 Image may contain: people sitting, screen, table, laptop and indoor

Most things seem to go down better with the help of some Baileys and fresh crab on toast is no exception. Armed with my Internal glow fortified by breakfast number one I went back to the slip to bring the Searider home.

DSCN1931 DSCN1932 DSCN1933

I then gave it boodly good wash and flushed out the engine with freshwater, this is just so much easier than having to drive over ten miles to the sowf end to launch and recover her. Not only that but all the best dive sites are up this end of the island too and it’s so much nicer having the boat swinging on the mooring on my doorstep so to speak.

After a second breakfast of porridge with fruit honey and yet more Baileys, I kid you not, Baileys in porridge is even nicer than  Baileys in tea or coffee Smile After that and with an even nicer ‘glow on’ I took the dogs for a walk to Torran in the hope of blagging a nice strong cup of Italian percolated coffee with me mate.

DSCN1929 DSCN1930

Well, that never happened cos I couldnae find him, so we all walked back home whereupon Molly and Leah did a disappearing act, turning up some while later covered in muck and licking their lips. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do with dead things, the dugs seem to find them (usually weeks later) these days. I had buried the two pig carcasses nice and deep with Calum the Kubota but somehow Molly had managed to find the spot. Not only that but they’d both puked in the house when I got em back inside.

DSCN1937 DSCN1938

Well, they’ll have to dig awful deep this time to find em Smile 

With the pig bones now ‘six foot under’ I turned my attention to the mountings for the boat shelter, the Hilti HIT RE500 would be nicely set by now so it was time to ‘torque em up’.

 DSCN1934 DSCN1935 DSCN1936

I tightened the plate mounts down with the impact wrench then tried out the four upright mounting studs on my dummy upright. A few minor adjustments can be made using washers or shims to get them perfectly perpendicular once the time comes.

DSCN1939 DSCN1940 DSCN1941

Then it was mixing, pouring and poking concrete until well after dark. Truth is, had I started this job and hour or so sooner I’d have got it all finished. As it was ‘poor light stopped play’ and I had to clean up all my tools and work area as I was making a right mess in the dark.


Worst of it was that most of the concrete needed to go at the other side of the fence which meant I had to tip it down a small hole this side then ‘poke’ it to the other side with the vibrating poker. Not a hard task but not so easy in the dark, methinks that’ll be tomorrow’s project Smile

So at around 18:00 I came in for chicken pie and called it a day,


MiL was packing up ready to leave tomorrow and Charlie was making sure she didn’t go without him Smile


The chicken pie was awesome even without any Baileys Smile


October 2, 2018

Aching all over :-(

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7:00am and that’s me just out of bed after almost 11 hours in it and I’m as ‘stiff as a board’. Still, three cups of tea, feed the animals, walk the dugs and have me breakfast then I’ll be ‘ready for action’. I was pure wrecked last night after a hard days road building, much of it in the pishing rain. The rain was forecast right enough and in truth the cast was actually worse than what pertained. In fact for most of the day it was no bad at all.

DSCN0732 DSCN0733 DSCN0734

My morning walk over the hill to feed the pigs had me encountering four hinds and in the distance atop Ravens Crag a couple of stags. I dunno the Gaelic name for that hill but it’s bound to have one. I have called it Raven’s crag for many years now due the large black cawing inhabitants that once frequented it. Dunno what happened to them cos I’ve no heard them in 10 years. I know the pictures are carp but I only had me wee Nikon.

DSCN0735 DSCN0736 DSCN0737

I kept bumping into this chap, a fine young stag who seemed to have been following me about this last couple of days. In truth he’ll be sniffing the tempting scent of those girls but is too young to know what it actually means, a bit like teenage angst I guess Smile

More road building

The carp forecast had decided me to get on with some road building or to be more precise ‘a pig damage reduction strategy’. With the possibility of piglets on the way and the requirement to bring the sows onto the croft to farrow I wanted to make a drain ‘pig proof’.

DSCN0739 DSCN0738 DSCN0741

This would mean piping a good length of existing drain and widening the track up to the 3.2kw wind turbine. It would mean a lot of quarried materiel and a lot of levelling by hand Sad smile Normally you would do it between tips with the digger but Calum would be twenty minutes away in the quarry so it was down to me with a mattock and tarmac rake.

DSCN0742 DSCN0750 DSCN0749

It was slow but satisfying work and the resultant ‘pig proof’ drain got well tested as the incessant rain arrived late afternoon.


Along with the rain but not put off by the slightest by it came Mike and Margie Hird from California. Timing was perfect as the wife had just arrived home after her early shift and I was soaked to the skin needing tea and cake. Mike, a Yorkshire expat  being pleased to see Yorkshire Tea being served up. Darling wife and I being pleased to see the fine bottle of Chianti left in their wake Smile

After the brief and welcome distraction I togged up again and crawled under the dumper to fix the exhaust again!!

DSCN0746 DSCN0747 DSCN0748

The thing keeps breaking at the flexible section, so after what is now my third repair I decided to get rid of it and go for a ‘sports exhaust’ and ear defenders. The joys of not having neighbours nearby to complain Smile

Anyway, that’s it, tis getting light now, time to feed the animals, walk the dogs then bash on with a few more loads. Last night I was in bed whacked before 20:30. Tonight I’ll have not long been in by then for I’ll be back on the Hallaig this afternoon getting ready for dry dock.

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