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July 4, 2011

Two beauties :-)

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Another bonny day here on Raasay, which started as most working days do with far too much coffee than is good for me and a trip down ‘Calum’s road’. The only thing of note that I saw on the wildlife front being a bonny stag at Tarbert and a few ravens at Glam.

040711 001

The ring of water lilies at Loch na Bronn however more than made up for the lack of fauna


040711 003

and the old ‘alms houses’ at Manitoba looked much as they would have done 150 years ago. Perhaps one or two less houses at Braes behind but the Cuilins wouldn’t have changed much 🙂

I spent pretty much the whole day painting whilst others did maintenance on their own craft :-)

040711 005

Or got ready to take out budding mariners in a more sedate craft

040711 006

The day flew by leaving me tired and covered in white dots so I’m going to go to bed now and just leave you with these two beauties that I saw on the way home.

040711 012

stag in grass

This chap basking in the long grass

040711 013

and this fellow down by the shore in the bracken.

stag in bracken

After about seven years of living in ‘the sticks’ a little part of me felt that I was missing out so I went to London for a week. I thought I’d catch up on the culture thing, after two days of ‘mind the gap’ not a single smiling face and worn out by trailing round the Imperial War Museum and the V&A I headed home. This city thing is really not for me 🙂


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