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July 7, 2011

The creels are out :-)

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Been a pretty good day here at the north end, a few heavy showers but they soon evaporated when the sun came out. There was even some thunder to the north but no precipitation or lighting accompanied it. To say I was up early would be a lie, but I am on holiday and it was before 7:00, just 🙂 After feeding everyone my boys pal and I went down to launch the boat and get the creels ready whilst wifey went for an appointment with Winnie Ireland for a dose of the ‘Alexander Technique’

Both wifey and I suffer from back problems and we’ve both tried each others therapist and got relief, however Catriona’s ‘hands on’ approach seems to work best for me but leaves the swineherd feeling like she’s been hit by a truck 🙂

070711 001

At the tiny natural harbour that is Port Arnish, we got the Pioner Maxi gently eased down the shore, on the huge stones laid in generations gone by.  Fuelled up and with our creels stacked on the wall built by those same craftsmen we left the Norwegian plastic marvel to float on the incoming tide.

 070711 003

Whilst we were just preparing for our days fishing the Portree prawn boat Green Isle busy lifting creels in Loch Arnish.

Green Isle III

Ready for action we wandered back home through the woods looking for ‘second breakfast’ and to await wifey’s return.

070711 004

A few handfuls of chanterelles were soon loosened from the damp mossy ground and in my camera box ready for frying in butter. You really do need to do mushrooms in butter and not olive oil 🙂

Of course as soon as we had fuelled ourselves and stepped out of the house to return to the shore the heavens opened 😦

070711 007

Fortunately it didn’t last long, we soon dried out after the downpour and after putting most of our gear at the south side of the loch we set course for the Froach Eilean or heather island.

070711 010

The red angular sandstone above the surface a source of building stone in days gone by, and the boulders underwater a great place for the reclusive lobster 🙂

We did a spot of fishing with hand lines near Tarbert before returning with just one small Lithe (pollack) that would at least bait a couple of lobster pots tomorrow. Luckily our good neighbours from Torran had sent some mackerel over for lunch so we didn’t go hungry 🙂

070711 012

After the late lunch of grilled mackerel my helper and the ‘wee dug’ went to collect some firewood that I’d felled earlier in the year from up behind the new house site. I’d cleared this scrub birch to give better air flow to that mast on top of the hill and to improve the grazing on what was once a fertile level bit of ground, well fertile by Arnish standards 🙂 Judging by the ‘lazy beds’ up here this whole area was cultivated at one time. With its many twisted branches and gnarled trunks this birch is hard work to cut but well worth the effort, it grows much slower here than on the mainland so I suspect it burns better than its taller straighter relatives there. 

  070711 013

070711 015

The brash certainly burnt well and kept the boys amused for an hour or so 🙂

That was it really, well apart from moving Bramble in with Rocky to get served, mowing the lawn and giving the Land Rover a quick once over for the MOT tomorrow 😦 I did major work on it a month ago thinking it was due in June but it would be just my luck for a bulb to fail or the horn to die. I dunno why I get so worked up about it, she’s never failed an MOT in the ten years I’ve had her. I shouldn’t have said that should I, tempting fate or what 🙂


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