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July 3, 2011

Glassless :-(

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This is going to be a seriously lame effort I’m afraid, Camilli has left his glasses at work so is as blind as a bat at close range 😦 Thank the Lord for ‘spell check’ 🙂 Anyway, as you’re probably aware it’s Sunday my favourite day, and a peach of a day it’s been to. Well a peach of a day by recent standards that is, gee this is really hard work typing at arms length 😦 Anyway I was up early and out in the morning sun feeding the herd, all of who were glad to see me, well they would be would be wouldn’t they 🙂 Bramble’s piglets were ready for weaning but I figured that I’d leave it until later and Jamie Lee is still hanging onto her litter. She’s getting fatter by the day but still refusing to farrow, not her fault but a confirmation of my lack of mathematical acumen :-) 

With everyone sorted and me filled up with coffee I trundled down the road in the ‘Old Girl’ to work.

 030711 001

Just after the ‘Bealach Ruadh’  I spotted this fine pair of red grouse,

030711 003

the male being the top one with the red above the eye. Now don’t go thinking that I can speak, spell or even understand Gaelic by me slipping that ‘Bealach Ruadh’ in as if I’m some kind of expert,  because I’m not. However my good mate ‘Bonk’ ( Calum Don Mackay ) has made it his mission to teach me all the names of all the landmarks between the south end of Raasay and the north. Believe me he’s on a seriously difficult mission 🙂 I’ve got that one cracked though it’s like beealack roar and means the brownish, reddish  pass 🙂 I’ve even got Cnoc nan Uan sussed, Knock nan you an, the hill of the lamb, which is about half a mile nearer Arnish. I can even pronounce Rubh Crion, roo kree on, but that’s about it so far.


030711 004

fish farm boat

A little further down the road I spotted this boat, who’s name escapes me working at the Portree fish farm.

030711 005

Even further along the road was what was left of the forest down the youth hostel road.

The ‘oil temperature saga’

The ‘favourite day’ at work was busy enough with a multitude of visitors coming and going. We did the usual spell of cleaning the good ship and a few drills after which I got stuck into the Land Rover.

The oil temperature has been creeping higher and higher of late and I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to sort it. Of course had I not been so sad and had a plethora of gauges monitoring oil temperature and pressure I wouldn’t have noticed this. The obvious culprit would have been the oil temperature thermostat ERC5923 but I’d tested that a few weeks ago and it seemed fine.

After checking everything else and bleeding the oil cooler there was little improvement in the situation so I decided to replace it anyway.

 030711 008

It’s easy enough to remove, just remove the oil cooler pipe and the two M6 bolts that retain the housing.

030711 006

Once I got the old one out it certainly appeared as if the old one was faulty, as you can see the plungers are different lengths.

030711 007

At the opening temperature of 74 degrees the old one did work but not as well as the new one.

Fitting the new one sorted the problem, and to be honest if I’d just changed it at first without doing all this messing about life would have been much simpler 🙂

030711 009

Our new harbour was quite busy today with a couple of visiting yachts and the ‘Spindrift’ on a charter from Portree I had a good chat with Kevin and Pam about how wonderful our new harbour was before they headed back at 15:00.

Once the working day was over I raced home to try out my new ‘cool oil’ and weaned Bramble’s piglets 🙂

030711 010


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