Life at the end of the road

August 31, 2009

Another Post

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I know this is really going to confuse the issue but for some reason ‘WordPress’ is refusing to let me upload any images so I’m now trying on ‘Scribefire’ and it seems to have worked 🙂

The dotted line between the two yellow posts on the chart is the undersea cable that is being replaced, despite the notice to mariners issued ( see yesterdays post ) some wise fisherman had laid his creels over the old cable that was to be lifted. Undaunted by the fact that ‘Briggs Marine’ had to to cut them to lift the old cable he re laid them in the same position! This meant that when they laid the new cable on Sunday it was now over the top of the creels 🙂


I know this is really gonna mess things up but it’s time for my bed so I’ll just stick a few pictures on here and add the text tomorrow 🙂

Strange fruits 🙂

It’s now Tuesday morning and ‘WordPress’ seems to be working again, of course being 6:25 I’ll have to head south shortly and I can see that the last two posts are going to leave many of you in confusion, especially as the last entry always appears first on the blog.

I did have some kind of plan of what to write about Sunday and Monday but spent so long trying to upload pictures last night that I’ll have forgotten most of it by tonight 😦

Anyway if you can bear with me I’ll have another go tonight  as it’s my Friday ( your Tuesday, unless your on the opposite shift and then it’s Sunday 🙂 ) meaning I’m down to my last banana and a weeks work on the croft ahead of me!

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