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August 28, 2020

A good ‘wake up’ :-)

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It was 6:00am before I awoke yesterday morning, without the weight of a wee dug on my feet it felt strange, as did the faint sound of one or two early A9 commuters. The greenery outside

P1170573 P1170574

providing a little compensation for the lack of sea or Skye mountains. The joy of not having to deal with clouds of midge whilst feeding the pigs and hens was noted and put a broad smile on my face. That would be a job for the young Mr Camilli today Smile


There was still the  boodly pigeons? though, actually, just Googled it, it’s the ‘Grouse of the north’ Smile At least I wouldn’t need to let off a few shotgun rounds to scare this one off Smile

Anyway, it was a great night’s sleep and far better than my original plan of sleeping in the car on the way back home. I’ve done that plenty of times too, just pulling over when I was tired and lying out in the back with Molly and several quilts. It’s actually quite comfortable in the Subaru but there’s not so much room in the back of the Discovery!!! I kid you not. Despite having many more cubic feet of ‘boot’ space it’s nowhere near as long and I’d have to sleep diagonally. That and the prospect of every layby having a ‘wild camper’ in it and being awash with turds and toilet paper put me off Smile Well, that’s what the media would have you believe anyway Smile Not that I take much notice of the media anyway, though I did switch the TV on this morning, something that I never do. I guess it was just the novelty of having one in the room and missing the wee dog whining for biscuits. Don’t think I heard COVID or Donald Trump mentioned once!!! but then it was only on for ten minutes, I hate the feckin thing.

Whilst ‘enjoyed’ is probably too strong a word, I was extremely pleased with my brief stay here. Sure it’s only got two stars and no food other than a vending machine selling chocolate and crisps with breakfast consisting of a disposable cardboard box full of other disposable stuff with some cereal, milk, juice and a chocolate cake in it. Still, the room was clean, bed comfy, water hot and it was cheap.

P1170576 P1170577

No frills, not even miniature bottles of shampoo or bars of soap but it was dead handy, I feel fully refreshed and ready to go and negotiate for my ‘hostage’, the 1986 Land Rover that has been an integral part of my life for twenty years Smile

The ‘Highway to Hell’


First though, I had to dig out my Disco and trailer that was obviously parked somewhere it shouldn’t have been Smile The guys were very understanding though and pretty soon I was off to Tayside to collect my family hostage.

P1170579 P1170580

Well, there were certainly many more Land Rovers there than when I last visited, obviously Matthew is very busy Smile

P1170581 P1170582 P1170583

Well, the ‘Old Girl’ wasn’t exactly ‘finished’ or even running but they engine and gearbox were in, we came to an amicable agreement over the two and a half years in ‘captivity’ and shook hands. My cracked or damaged rib was so boodly painful that Matthew and Mark expertly loaded her on the trailer for me.

P1170585 P1170584

Come 11:00 after coffee, I bade them farewell and headed north up a very wet A9. It was a boodly nightmare and my sincerest apologies to any poor soul stuck behind me at 40mph. I did pull over into just about every layby I could to clear traffic but there are surprisingly few in the sixty miles between Perth and Dalwhinnie. The beef & tomato soup, roll and black coffee at the Dalwhinnie ‘Snack Shack’ could not have come too soon for me.

Snack shack

By the time I reached the Broadford Co Op and petrol station my nerves were so frazzled and my cracked rib had obviously broken as I could barely fill with diesel or carry two pots of yoghurt, two containers of milk and a pizza for my dinner. I’d not be getting back to Sonas until 20:00 and my son wouldn’t be home to feed me Sad smile I did have the kind offer of a meal in the village but I just couldn’t wait to get home to see Molly and the pigs would be boodly hungry to0. Not only that but it’s actually starting to get dark much earlier as September draws closer.

 P1170588 P1170589

It was so, so good to be home with my ‘wee dug’ Smile

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