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October 19, 2020

All quiet on the Western Front :-)

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Well, it won’t be the first time I’ve used this title for a daily post but after the last one it certainly is. The ‘Indian Summer’ got pushed away last night by a mild but extremely moist east or south easterly wind and the forecast is boodly atrocious Sad smile


The rain is absolutely lashing down right now and it’s set to get worse. Still, at least the hydro turbine will be back on line after the calm dry spell of late. Perhaps this damp spell will shut the stags up or at least muffle their all night bellowing. Not so bad for me right enough as my house is well insulated and I’m pretty ‘hard of hearing’ but my neighbours aren’t and they’ve had one right outside the house Smile To be honest I think that ‘Royal’ chap I’ve been photographing has seen all the competition off. I saw him in yesterday evening’s gloom with about ten hinds following him.

Apparently the SAS crowd, or at least most of them left yesterday too, so it really is going to be quite and parking will no longer be a problem Smile Actually, they were really well behaved this year displaying little of 2019’s nonsense, vulgarity and loudness. Methinks someone must have had a ‘quiet word’ Smile  They had their own ‘bubble’ and seemed to keep out of most peoples way, at least during the hours of daylight Smile Smile When they were last up at Arnish ‘en mass’ they took great care not to fly their drone over my croft. Dunno if they’d been warned of that ‘crabbit old git’ at the North End or if it’s just good ‘drone etiquette’ but whilst filming my ‘Royal’ and his hinds they flew the thing around my croft rather than take the short route over it. It did not go unnoticed and I was well impressed Smile Perhaps this is why they left, dunno and don’t care as I rarely watch the TV. The last time I switched it on being when my rib was broken  to watch some ‘Scandi noir’ thing on ‘Walter Presents’. Perhaps I’ll find out what happened to Frank the Swedish lawyer now the weather has ‘gone to 5h1t’. Maybe I’ll have to break another rib to turn the ‘One Eyed Monster’ on Smile 


XC had forecast the odd shower yesterday but it was actually yet another nice one, the threat of rain never actually materializing. Consequently I spent the morning under the Land Rover fitting the new ‘Britpart shitpart’ fuel tank.

P1180508 P1180509 P1180511

Like the stop light switch PRC4297 I tried to fit yesterday it wasn’t quite the right size Sad smile The tank comes in two parts, the actual tank and it’s carrier/guard. The tank and guard are fastened to the chassis by four M10 bolts, both using the same four bolts. So why then are the rear two carrier holes 8mm in diameter???? Of course I didn’t actually discover this until I was under the truck trying to fit it, whereupon I had to remove it and open up the rearmost holes with a die grinder Sad smile The stop light switch I cured by fitting a Lucas one. Though to be honest ‘Lucas the Prince of Darkness’ isn’t usually that much better than ‘Britpart shitpart’ Smile

That was it really, after all, it was Sunday and I did roast a lovely Munro chicken from the Raasay store, so that’ll be half the weeks meals sorted. Chicken curry, risotto, sandwiches and loads of stock for the freezer, yum, yum.


Today I guess I’ll make a supreme effort to catch up on some paperwork though with a little luck I may get chance to do some work inside the ‘Old Girl’.


Perhaps even some time to try and sort out the wiring, but for now I’ll be staying put, until daylight at least.

August 15, 2020

Even the pigeons were lost :-)

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Pretty boodly thick mist here today,

P1170309 P1170313 P1170311

this being what I awoke to this morning. He would have fitted just fine in my freezer Smile

P1170306 P1170308

A sharp contrast to what I bade farewell to before heading off to bed around 22:00, later than usual with no time for blogging. Nope, my Son had returned, cooked me an awesome Mexican dish involving chicken, fajitas, potato wedges and salad, after which I got sucked into some riveting documentary about Admiralty code breaking in WWI, how sad am I Smile

In and out of mist

The morning’s mist or is it fog, I’m never sure of the difference, just got thicker and thicker as I headed to work but seeming to partially clear for the 7:55 sailing. Deciding to ‘give it go’ knowing there was a commercial full of straw waiting at Sconser and with a car deck full of tourists eager to head south. Well, it turned out to be a rather murky trip to around the Jackal rock and back to Raasay, with even the pigeons getting lost in the fog Smile I kid you not, they picked the ferry up around half way across then kept circling it until scared away by the fog horn Smile You know it’s really thick when a pigeon can’t find Raasay, luckily we did, tied up safely and left it until 9:55.

P1170317 P1170316 (1)

Even then it was pretty thick at Sconser and probably not much fun up Glamaig Smile

By 12:15 we’d be fully expecting what was a bright and hot sun to have baked it off.


Indeed, very occasionally it did but more often than not it required all four of us in the wheelhouse watching out for halfwits!!! I kid you not, with visibility more often than not just a few meters there was at least half a dozen morons out in two kayaks and two small boats!!!!


499tons of ferry travelling across to Skye on scheduled sailings and these numpties are wandering about the Raasay Narrows!!

P1170318 P1170324

P1170326 P1170325

That was us at 16:55, just cancelled the 17:00 sailing and there at least two eejits out there in a rowing boat, I despair!!! Methinks people have just been locked down too long and are going a bit mental after being cooped up for so long. Cows do this after being in a barn all winter and getting let out onto fresh grass. Yesterday morning I passed by three ‘wild campers’ at different spots along the road. One or two is unusual, three is unheard of and I did mean to photograph their cars but was in a hurry. On the way home I checked for rubbish and was pleasantly surprised to find none Smile Sure there was one fire pit and the campers had obviously used the picnic bench as firewood Sad smile

P1170303 P1170305

However, in all fairness, methinks the bench was pretty rotten and collapsed before hand and the wee blue Clio had cleared everything else away and left the bench in a neat pile. Not ideal but far better at clearing up their mess than the ‘who cares who wins’ crowd Smile

Open for business Smile

Anyway, that was today, or at least some of it, before getting distracted by the incoming invasion of who are scheduled to overrun Raasay again shortly. Then the tragic death of Raasay legend and good friend Hugh Mackay the day after, I was gonna tell you about the news.


I departed work on Wednesday, at least I think it was then to find the long shut blinds of Raasay House open and some lights on. Having been firmly closed since the start of ‘Lockdown’ this was a sure sign of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Very responsibly Raasay House have decided not to put our COVID free island and its elderly population at risk by opening their accommodation this year. They will however be offering ‘socially distanced’ meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the island residents shortly Smile

We are still choosing to remain closed to individual overnight guests and we are not offering activities. We feel that filling the hotel with individual guests (unquarantined & untested) is just too risky at the moment. With regional lockdowns and travel restrictions popping up all over the place we feel the safest thing for us to do is to wait till next year to welcome independent travellers as overnight guests.

However, we do know that with the great weather we have just now that local people might be missing going out for a drink and a bite to eat in the sunshine. With that in mind we have decided to open the front terrace up for drinks, food, coffee and cakes this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We are not advertising this on our website or on our business Facebook page as we don’t want to encourage extra people to come over but rather we’d like to cater for the people already here.

Opening hours will be from 2pm till 8pm for food and up to to 10pm for drinks. We will be operating a really simple menu,

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and food

Text and image lifted from the Raasay Facebook page, thanks Barbara (hope you enjoyed your meal) and Carol Smile

But best of all, Iona’s Larch Box is open Smile Smile 

Larch boxP1170287 P1170288

Sadly, I’ve not managed to try anything yet Sad smile Only finding out on Thursday lunch after I’d already eaten, the school lunchtime sailing putting paid to a Friday afternoon visit. Though it won’t be long before I’m working my way down the entire menu, methinks a halloumi, grilled aubergine and siracha baguette to start with, yum, yum Smile  

P1170290 (2)P1170291 (2)

Also on the way home I managed to pick up some lovely fresh spuds, French beans and flowers from the Raasay Walled Garden ‘Veg Shack’. The spuds and beans making an awesome trio with smoked fish, haddock on Friday and salmon tonight.

P1170277 P1170278


Well, Hugh Mackay’s passing and the gloom aside it turned out to be a pure peach of a day with plenty of customers and the usual smattering of SAS ‘who dares wins’ traffic in disguise or at least trying to be discrete, having no doubt signed their required NDA Smile


Aye, four guys in two screamingly obvious vehicles with no luggage is very discrete chaps and if Forloh clothing does not prominently appear in the 2020 episodes of ‘who cares who wins’, I will show my ars3 in Woolworths window Smile You gotta laugh really, they charge about in black 4x4s and minibuses (usually six or seven bumper to bumper) in convoy and this is absolutely no lie. A friend of mine spotted them on Skye hogging a car park at a local beauty spot last year and asked one of the southern drivers if they were making a film (as if this was not glaringly obvious) the chap replied ‘yes but we’re trying to be discrete’ Smile Smile


Ben Tianavaig and the Storr, not that you can actually see them Smile

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