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August 31, 2020

He’s gone!!!!!

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A bonny, bonny Monday behind me and just about to settle down on my first meal alone in a long while, a baked aubergine and courgette affair  with some passed their ‘use before’ date fish cakes I picked up on Friday night. I was passing the Co op in too much pain to carry more than two pots of yoghurt and 4lts of milk and grabbed them on the way to the till along with a frozen pizza. Not my normal fare but Ross was gonna be out all night and I wouldn’t be in until 20:00, too tired and sore to be cooking. The pizza I demolished when I got home with a tomato salad, the fish cakes have been sat in my fridge since, their orange ‘sale’ label conveniently hiding both ‘use by’ and ingredients labels. The ‘use by’ date thing has never bothered my septic tank like stomach, if the packet isn’t ‘blown’ and if it don’t smell and you cook it hot enough it’s fine. Well, it is for me and I’ve only ever poisoned myself once or twice and never seriously Smile As for the ingredients I didn’t want to know, the ‘large print’ said sweet potato and chili fish cake, the small print probably said basa fish from the Mekong Delta and I’ve already had the misfortune of Googling that after eating one Smile Anyway, it actually pretty good with the baked veg which was just sliced and brushed with olive oil and salt.

This weekend I gained a Land Rover and lost a son Sad smile my ‘boy’ whom I’d shared a most enjoyable ‘Lockdown’ with departing on Sunday morning in the Subaru.


The car being needed as he’d an advanced diving course booked for next weekend and scuba diving not being very conducive with public transport. Normally a car in Edinburgh being a complete PITA and parking ticket magnet. His flat is only ten minutes walk from the city centre, twenty minutes from uni and almost next door to a Lidl, what more do you need Smile 

To console ourselves his mum and I went for a good walk out of Inverarish with the dugs.

Starting off at the ‘Emigrants Trail’

P1170627 P1170628 P1170629

which is looking decidedly greener than last I saw it, having gained some pampas grass amongst other things Smile

P1170630 P1170632 P1170631

The Inverarish burn sporting some wee brown trout Smile

P1170633 P1170634

The ‘Burma Road’ a few large healthy chanterelles. We branched off at the remains of one of the iron ore mine viaducts with the intention of following the line of the narrow gauge railway to the old pier. The walk up towards the embankment providing a pure assault on the senses with the late summer fragrance of heather reminiscent of the late Johnny Ferguson’s honey, their diet being almost exclusively the purple blossom.

P1170635 P1170637

P1170639 P1170640

Here is what appears to be a junction in the railway line between mine 1 and mine 2?

P1170644 P1170643 P1170642

A building that I guess housed some of the hauling gear.


Hallaig passes the Penfold rock buoy on her way home.

P1170648 P1170649

Another one of the hauler houses above the old Iron ore pier.

P1170652 P1170655

Remains of the five kiln bases and the gantry supports for the railway. The kilns were removed during WWII and at least three of them were in use at Lingdale in Cleveland until 1969.


This line drawing of the Calcining Kilns and materials hoist at Lingdale mine gives a true impression of their size. Eric Johnson informs the Archive: ”This drawing of the calcining kilns and materials hoist, shows the three kilns which were originally on the island of RAASAY in the Inner Hebrides; dismantled in about 1943, each part carefully numbered and loaded into ships. One local man John MacLeod was killed in the hold when the sling broke. The kilns were taken to Lingdale and re-erected shortly afterwards.” Image courtesy of Joan Webster and thanks to Eric Johnson for the update.

P1170653 P1170657

The old engineering workshop and ore hopper just behind the pier.

Iron ore

Out for dinner


A wander along the road back to town concluded the walk and wee dug and I headed home whereupon I went out without Molly but with one of her (clean and unscented) pooh bags to collect part of dinner Smile Molly was pure wrecked after the earlier trek and I could find a mesh bag. You should always use a mesh bag or basket for collecting ‘shrooms to spread the pores Winking smile

P1170663 P1170665

I managed a good bag of chanterelles and one nice cep ‘the girls’ catching half a dozen fresh mackerel.

P1170666 P1170667 P1170669

Grilled mackerel with a tomato sauce and eggs,  fresh figs for desert, don’t think I’ve ever had a fresh fig before Smile Boodly awesome and I wobbled back home around 22:00 Smile

January 8, 2020

First shift of 2020 :-)

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Well, that’s it, ‘back to the grind’ and another fortnight ‘before the mast’ my first this year and a day later than normal. My ‘back to back’ having offered to work an extra day in return for me covering over Christmas, which was ‘jolly decent’ of him cos it was only a couple of sailings for me to do for him and to be honest I was glad to get out from ‘under the feet’ Smile 

Anyway, I made the best of the extra day by staying in my bed until 9:00am, mainly on account of me having done all the pre back to work jobs yesterday. I may have been given Tuesday off by by shipmate but me body wasn’t convinced so I did all the tidying up, washing, cleaning and pre work prep 24hours early. Just as well really cos yesterday was fit for little else and the ferry was off all day due to the severe gale. I don’t think it actually reached ‘storm force’10 at least not consistently, though it may well have in the gusts. Still it was strong enough to bring down some power cables and the odd tree, leaving much of Inverarish without power.

Typically, of the community I’m fortunate enough live in, or should I say near. Typically, word went round by social media and the village hall (which still had power) was opened up for cooking, WiFi and hot drinks. Also ‘typically’ of SSE, they were over at the first opportunity to repair it Smile Of course that wasn’t until today cos the ferry was off but they were at Sconser first thing and had it fixed pretty quickly. They really are heroes the engineers of SSE and BT that keep the ‘electrons flowing’ when adverse weather brings line down. It’s never on a good day that these chaps get called out hey’.


Aye, it was certainly a better start to the day, though there was a fearsome hail shower or two


and my dumper bucket had acquired about half a ton of water overnight!!!

I left home early for work to give Molly a walk in the woods, she’s seldom inspired by walking from the house these days, being dead excited to get out of it but then running to the car to go elsewhere Smile 

P1160130 P1160132

Brochel bay and Glame Brae on the way south

P1160133 P1160138

So after parking up at ‘Mine number 2’ and waiting for a brutal hail shower to pass we went for a walk up to the winding house and old entrance.


Then it was off to catch the 14:30 and relieve my mate,

P1160139 P1160140

passing by evidence of the storm, a broken tree that had at some point blocked the road. Joining Hallaig in time to see the half dozen SSE vehicles and their crews depart, having ‘put the lights back on’ in Inverarish Smile


Me, I left my lights on all day to try and use up some of my excess power Smile It really is nice to return home to an illuminated house after a hard day at the office Smile

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