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March 22, 2019

Carping meself :-(

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Well I’m almost home after a two week plus stint in LA Smile Much as I love Lochaline it’s environs and folk, I love home the best. I was relieved hours ago by my trusty ‘back to back’ and common sense would have dictated I stay there until tomorrow and drive north today. Sadly a desire to see the wife, croft, hoose and all things dear to my heart had me leaving LA at around 16:00. Not a good move due to the forecast and I have only myself to blame, for whilst I did have a nice drive home and called in at Kyle for a ‘Chinese’ I’m now stuck at Sconser with two terrified dugs. Leah is in the car and won’t come out and Molly is trembling at my side. Bits are flying of the caravan, the ferry probably will not run and the only person I can blame is myself. Still, the jacks are down on the van which is still firmly attached to the Subaru, so with a bit of luck we won’t blow over or into the sea Smile


Sign says ‘disruption likely’ well ‘amen to that’ Smile

Sure I fully intended posting last night but manged to forget me ‘dongle’ so had no Internet, sure I had my employers Internet at the port but that cost millions and is carp whereas mine costs about a tenner a month and is pure amazing Smile

IMG_0520 IMG_0521

Amazing tractor towing chipper that can demolish 2’ diameter trees!!!!

IMG_0522 IMG_0523

Old bogie and mine entrance at LQS

IMG_0525 IMG_0529

Serious dumper at LQS Smile

IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

A wee walk along to the pontoons in Lochaline with the dugs.

P1140833 P1140835 P1140836

Fishermen and fish farmers in the Sound of Mull.

IMG_0530 IMG_0532 IMG_0533

Teuchters on tour and a ‘tight load’.


‘Admiral’s chicken’ that’ll be Sandy’s chicken breasts basted in pesto, butter, cheese and bacon then served with oven chips, baked sweet potato and broccoli, awesome Smile


Leah and Molly at feeding time, they have been great company Smile


A Norwegian submarine transiting the Sound of Mull.


Briggs Marine’s ‘Kingdom of Fife’


FPV Minna


A very tidy looking tug called Strathfoyle at Lochaline West Pier, listed on AIS as Dutch built by Damen shipyards in Holland but actually ‘made in China’ Smile

P1140842 P1140848

A fishing boat heading south and the Yeoman Bontrup heading north. The Bontrup is one of the two ‘worlds largest’ self discharging bulk carriers in the world at some 96000 plus GRT.

IMG_0538 IMG_0540

Rare pics of MV Loch Linnhe at the LQS pier in Loch Alainn, she was just waiting there for Hallaig to load.

October 5, 2018

Southbound again :-)

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It started like any other working day today, apart from calling in at the Raasay Distillery to say farewell to darling wife, that done it was work as usual with the 7:00am ‘start up’. The only difference being that today we’d not be sailing in hybrid mode as we’d be berthing at ports without ‘shore power’. Hanging onto our 600kWh of storage would enable us to ‘lie over’ without the need to ‘plug in’ or run a generator. It also allows us to shut down the generators when the dock is being pumped out and still keep the ship alive until an electrician can connect us to the National Grid.

It was a pure peach of a day and we were itching to get away but the timetable had to be maintained so off we went on our daily shuttle to Skye and back.

P1140035 P1140036

Ben Tianavaig and the Storr.

P1140037 P1140040

The Green Isle busy hauling and setting creels for velvet crab in the bay.

P1140044 DSCN0786

The MV Seaflower with Ewen and Janice bringing folk to visit Raasay.


A happy seaman saying goodbye to Raasay Smile

Finally, we’re off, as Dire Straits would say, from their debut album, Southbound again Smile The annual pilgrimage to the dry dock is on and the best of it is, the forecast for the rest of today and tomorrow is ‘damn fine splendid’.

After doing the morning’s sailings lashing everything down, then loading up the crew cars,

DSCN0780 DSCN0784 DSCN0785


we awaited the arrival of the trusty MV Loch Linnhe.


Linnhe cleared the Jackal rock around 14:15 just as we’d moved out of the berth to let her in so she could pick up the service at 14:30.

 DSCN0791 DSCN0793 DSCN0794

Three generators ‘on the board’

It wasn’t going to be a leisurely meander down the West Coast at 9knts today, we had a lot of ground to cover and already it was mid afternoon. As soon as we got into the channel ‘RPM3’ was selected the ‘power management system’ called for the third generator and off we went making a good 11knts.


That wouldn’t last long right enough, pretty soon we’d be fighting the tide at Kylerhea but by 17:00 we’ll be flying again.

P1140047 P1140049 P1140050

16:00 and ‘hard at it’ through the Kyle narrows Smile


Helicopter off to Rona perhaps.


Harvest Caroline II just off Loch Hourn.


Just at the mouth of Loch Nevis and almost abreast of Mallaig doing 10knts now with the tide turned. Ardnamurchan here we come Smile

Golly gosh, it’s busy here Smile

 P1140055 P1140057 P1140056

We have the MV Loch Fyne and the MV Loch Nevis heading into Mallaig and the MV Lord of the Isles heading out!

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