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March 19, 2019

Will it ever stop raining ?

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19:40 local time here in LA, sure it would be ‘twenty to eight’ on Raasay and I’d just be driving home had I been ‘on shift’ there Smile I’ve been in my toasty wee caravan with ‘wee dug’ for the best part of an hour but I’m ready for me bed!!! I dunno what it is in LA but I’m doing some serious sleeping here.


Still, at least Molly don’t mind going to bed early and she never complains of my snoring Smile This could well be my last but one sleep here, with a bit of luck it’ll be the Sconser car park or home on Thursday Smile Smile Then it will be a full ‘month off’ a whole month of mixing concrete, building sheds, fixing generators, mending fences buying pigs and even seeing my son. I just can’t wait, much as I love my wee annual jaunt down to LA, I love home the best. Having said that, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I may be back here in a months time. Not that that would bother me greatly but it would mean that Raasay is stuck with a smaller ferry yet again if Hallaig ‘stays put’ Sad smile 


Well, it wasn’t exactly dry today but it wasn’t too wet either, in fact, I actually managed to get aboard the ship and ‘let go’ without my waterproofs on, which must be a first this fortnight. In fact, to be honest it wasn’t such a bad day by recent standards. And, being a Tuesday most of the crew ‘were up to high doh’ it being their last day and all that. Admiral Woods and myself would be doing a couple of extra days right enough so did not share their euphoria. To be honest I was sad to see the back of the ‘188 club’ that’ll be what we called the crew of MV Hallaig this week for ‘the young fella’ upstairs had to cope with us three geriatrics for the week and that was our combined age. Sure we even developed a special handshake and have ordered T shirts Smile 

Looked like a spot of ‘Morting’ going on at Scottish Sea Farms Fishnish site. Methinks they’ve been putting smolts in here and the divers from ‘M-Dive’ would be checking for dead fish after their helicopter or ‘well boat’ journey. Something I’ve done plenty of myself in days past, a nice easy job and not too smelly. The smolts are generally delivered unstressed and in great health, this part of fish farm diving work being one of the better tasks Smile

P1140821 P1140822

The poor salmon farming industry gets much in the way of undeserved bad press when folk are quite happy with their bacon sandwich, chicken tikka or Big Mac. Trust me the fish farming game is far better to its stock than the intensive pork, beef, turkey, prawn, or chicken industry.

IMG_0513 IMG_0514

A serious tyre change on one of LQS’s CAT loading shovels by Fort William Tyre Services Methinks it would cost more than £2 to dispose of that tyre Smile


Servicing Number two DG

P1140825 P1140827 P1140829

Yeoman Bontrup one of the worlds largest self discharging bulk carriers at 96725 gross tons  heading to Glensanda quarry


Just passing Ardtornish Point and castle

IMG_0516 IMG_0517

We want to go home Smile

March 15, 2019

Rumour has it :-(

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Methinks April has come early here at Lochaline, could be the rest of Scotland for all I know as I don’t even have my regular dose of Radio4 or Radio2 in LA Smile Last year I brought a radio with me but the reception was pish so I never bothered this time, sure I could listen via the Internet but I only have a small allowance of data on my MiFi contract. Never actually used it all up right enough but I’ve been burned, nay, scorched before with going over contract limits. When I was down at the Nautical College in South Shields five years ago I got hit with a £200 bill from Vodafone after me having a £15 or £20 contract for yonks. Sure, I’d gone over me minutes big style cos I was away from home for months but it came as a serious shock when I got the bill. Fair play to Vodafone though, when I spoke to them they shaved £50 or £100 off it cos of my ‘history’.

Of course there is a TV on the ship but ‘I’m not a fan’, seldom watch it and on this route we don’t even get free ‘titty papers’ as I call the ‘red tops’. Never really understood the newspaper thing, me Pop got a paper every day (a thick one) with all the weekend supplements and read them ‘cover to cover’. If the papers arrive late on Raasay, or worse still not at all, it’s like there has been a death on the island. The highlight of the week is Thursday (West Highland Free Press day). I just don’t get it. In my experience ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ most of what you read is written by someone who has no grip on the subject and nearly all the media is controlled by a handful of eejits or megalomaniacs. I always find that news is better served up many years after the event by someone without an axe to grind Smile

Take my epic journey down here a week ago had I not had all that ‘news’ at my ‘fingertips’ I would have just driven down here and probably been stuck for half an hour or an hour at Cluanie. As  it was with Traffic Scotland, the BBC, Facebook and other media outlets ‘keeping me informed’ it took me all friggin day and a fifty mile detour. Sometimes it’s far better to be kept in the dark Smile

Anyway, where was I ? Well it’s been a day of what can only be described as ‘April showers’ one minute brilliant sunshine and the next pishing rain and wind. One minute oilskins, the next shirt sleeves, well not quite cos it’s been cold at sea but LA itself has had its moments, sheltered as it is from most of the weather.


Nordica Hav a small Antiguan registered cargo ship heading for the LQS sand pier up the loch. She has been anchored off Mull for a couple of nights sheltering from the weather or something.


Seems to be minus her stern anchor too.


George Leslie Plant making a fine job of their site for he soon to be started harbour works, that would be a fine site for a house there Smile


Some survey work on the old pier.


And I thought my Subaru was a ‘skip’ inside Smile

IMG_0462 IMG_0463

Some mighty big trees leaving Mull and some fencing materials going there.

P1140788 P1140793

Another coaster the 3500t Anne Dorte from the Netherlands. LOTI heading to somewhere, not sure where.


Fish farmers at work in the Sound of Mull.

Anyway, that’s it for now, tis 5:45 and time to go and ‘flash her up’ and perhaps catch the latest Brexit nonsense on TV, it’s bound to be on Smile I was gonna post this last night but guess what, I was in bed early with a good book. What’s more it looks like we may well be here longer than expected, I hear that MV Lochinvar may delayed a day or two Sad smile Still there are much, much worse places to be stuck working than sunny LA Smile

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