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March 18, 2019

Me, San Pellegrino and the wee dug :-)

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Well that’s me been in LA for thirteen nights and I’d normally be getting all excited tonight cos ‘only one more sleep’ Smile However I’ll be doing a couple of extra days to cover me ‘back to back’s’ lieu days. Not that that is a problem ‘yours truly’ will be well paid and I can think of worse places to be than Bonny LA. Give me Lochaline to Los Angeles any day Smile Seriously Lochaline has everything you need, a great wee shop, a petrol pump, a laundrette, a selection of drinking establishments and a ferry to Mull Smile There is also stupendous diving in the Sound of Mull and great fishing if you are that way inclined. Me, I just enjoy being here with the two dugs, some San Pellegrino and the knowledge that I’ll be well paid for doing something I love.

IMG_0511 IMG_0512

I was stunned 12 months ago when I found San Pellegrino blood orange juice at the LA store and was gutted when I arrived here two weeks ago and found none to be had Smile Now, ‘far be it’ for me to assume that they got it in specially for me but when I went to the store the other day, there it was Smile My favourite juice of all time, OK, the company is now owned by some faceless multinational and the drink is full of sugar but I do love it, if only for the memory of times past. It was their spring water I used to be hooked on, apparently Leonardo da Vinci drunk it Smile Whatever, in my book it’s a gazillion times better than the American muck and that stuff ‘made from girders’ Smile

The shipping news

Now that was a good film/book but here are today’s movements.


NLB’s Pharos which looked like she had been servicing the Eilean Glas light in the Sound of Mull.


LOTI going to Lochboisdale on South Uist.

P1140816 P1140817

The old ‘regular’ MV Loch Fyne heading for Mallaig


The venerable MV Isle of Arran and the MV Havgul


And now, @ 20:30 with ‘wee dug’ as me hot water bottle, I’m off to bed and a good book Smile

April 10, 2018

Half way there :-)

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Not so nice here now in Luvverly Lochaline,

DSCN0824 DSCN0825

‘wee dug’ and I are nicely settled in but it’s pishing with rain outside so the post work walkies got cancelled. Not that Molly was bothered, we’d had a jaunt up to the well stocked Lochaline Stores earlier for supplies and see seemed happy enough with that.


The store is well stocked and


even carries my non alcoholic ‘tipple of choice’ San Pellegrino , OK, it’s not the ‘blood orange’ version and it is over £1 a can but it reminds of a happy time back in Italy when I was 14 and addicted to their mineral water,

S.Pellegrino mineral water has been produced for over 600 years.[6] In 1395, the town borders of San Pellegrino were drawn, marking the start of its water industry. Leonardo da Vinci is said to have visited the town in 1509 to sample and examine the town’s "miraculous" water, later writing a treatise on water.[6] Analysis shows that the water is strikingly similar to the samples taken in 1782, the first year such analysis took place. In fact, doctors from Northern Italy in the 13th Century used to suggest that their patients go to the Val Brembana spring for treatment.[7] Over the years, its therapeutic properties attracted many visitors, and, at the beginning of 1900, San Pellegrino Terme became a holiday resort with a casino, thermal baths and a hotel.[8] In 1794 a treatise mentioned S.Pellegrino water as a treatment method for kidney stone disease.[9] In 1839, S.Pellegrino water was recommended for people affected with kidney diseases and urinary tract infection.[10]

  OK, it’s now owned by the demon company Nestle who’s efforts at trying to get third world countries hooked on formula milk are well documented. Not to mention keeping Vietnamese coffee producers in servitude to produce inferior coffee but ‘hey ho’ that’s the way of the world these days. Fer f**ks sake, even our very own Highland Spring is now owned by Coca friggin Cola Sad smile

Anyway’s ‘nuff said’ afore I really go ‘off on one’ Smile Bottom line is  that the Lochaline Store is very good Smile and now it’s time for my pizza.

The pizza capital of Europe

21:00 now, pizza demolished with help from Molly and I want to get this finished so as I can listen to ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ on Radio4 iPlayer. I’ve always loved pizza but unlike most readers have been eating it for over fifty years! Sure, before it became the ‘junk food’ of choice for many the, humble pizza was being served to ‘yours truly’ by his Mammy  since the early sixties. I guess she got the recipe from me granny Emilia in Provvedasco


where I lived as a child, only then (just like Arnish on Raasay) there was no road! It never had any of the fancy names it does now but was always served on a thick base with anchovies, cheese, olives, basil and tomatoes. Where all this carp with chicken, ham, pineapple and ‘who knows what’ came from I dunno. Still I do like it, even the ‘junk’ stuff, which is probably made in Grimsby!!! Believe it or not there are more pizzas made in Grimsby than Italy, I kid you not. At least there were 20 years ago and it’s one of those ‘interesting facts’ that I’ve been carrying around in my head since 1998!

The traditional English fishing port of Grimsby has become an unlikely record holder. There are now more pizzas made in the town than anywhere else in Europe – and that includes Italy.

So, that’s it for tonight I’m afraid, Hallaig will have a fresh crew in the morning (bar me) and that’s me half way through my shift. Time to see how Zaphod Beeblebrox and Arthur Dent are getting on and ‘turn in’.

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