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October 3, 2019

Southbound again :-)

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Well, it’s that time of year again and we’re heading off to sunny Troon for our annual drydocking.

I did set the alarm for 5:00am but ‘true to form’ was up before it, we were due to muster on Hallaig at 6:00 ready for a 6:30 departure. Where exactly we were going depended on a few things, weather and ability to get a berth being two of them. Whether it be Craignure, Lochaline or Oban it would be well south of Raasay for sure.

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So, as soon as Hallaig was ‘flashed up’ we departed the berth, loaded our cars and headed off for Troon, or at least the ‘first leg’.

P1150431 P1150432 P1150437

Bade farewell to Raasay and Dun Caan passed by the new Mowi fish feed plant, MV Mikal With  and under the Skye Bridge.

P1150434 P1150433 P1150439

By midday we’d passed the Small Isles, cleared ‘Archie’ (Ardnamurchan Point)  and taken the chicken out of the oven Smile

P1150443 (2)


Yesterday was spent manically preparing for today both at work and home, gear needed loaded aboard Hallaig and Sonas needed getting ready for MiL, instructions written, feed bins filled and car packed.

P1150425 P1150426

MV Serene passing by a new Raasay residence being constructed.

IMG_1044 IMG_1045

All fuelled up and ready to go Smile


September 4, 2019

A murky start :-(

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Well, that’ll be me back ‘before the mast’ for a fortnight, it’s just after 21:00 so there will be little chance of this getting finished tonight. Still I’ll get something down whilst sat at the kitchen table if only to digest another of my son’s excellent meals, a chicken thigh number with parsnips in a lovely mustard and thyme sauce. I joined the good ship Hallaig at 15:00 after an unusually leisurely Tuesday, normally I’m rushing around like a headless chicken (probably not the best analogy in light of recent events Smile ) but not today. Nope, this particular ‘back to work’ day was blissfully relaxed despite the grey and murky start. I had achieved much during my ‘fortnight off’ so decided, as part of my ‘blood pressure reduction regime’ to go into town early.


It was a dreich, grey but calm morning that must have followed an equally windless night, for the spiders had been out in force.

 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0800

There were few inanimate objects not festooned with delicate webs, all of which would be full of ‘wee beasties’ in a little while.


For the greyness was lifting and no doubt the midge would be out soon

Me, I just pottered about in the shed until 10:00am then headed slowly down the road in the WiFE to catch the 10:55 for Skye.

P1150045 P1150043 P1150044

The cruising season not quite over, the MS Star Breeze was anchored in Portree bay

P1150046P1150051 (2)Star Breeze in Portoferraio (cropped).jpg

That’ll be her portside take from Glame on Raasay, her starboard from Portree pier and one I wish I’d taken of her in Potroferrario on Elba Smile

P1150048 P1150052

Dunno the story behind BRD18 the former trawler Alex C but she looks in a sorry state, unlike the Serene at the other end of the pier wall Smile

In the ‘brown stuff’ again Smile

After my saunter around Portree visiting feed merchants, hardware stores and garden centres I headed back to Sconser to join Hallaig and catch up with my ‘back to back’.


The poor soul had been a little preoccupied with the disabled toilet and sewage tank earlier in the day Smile You really DO NOT need a sewage plant problem on your last day of shift. Inevitably the last day ‘on shift’ is as manic as the last day ‘off shift’ with hunners of paperwork, ‘end of trip reports’, ‘handover notes’ and ‘checklists’ to finish for your ‘back to back’.

Well, guess what my first job is tomorrow Smile

A couple of new visitors

Yesterday’s post wouldn’t be complete with the two new visitors to Raasay, one launched the year before Titanic sank and the other just last year.

P1150047 Eye-of-the-wind-2010.jpg again, thanks to Wikipedia for a better picture than mine though you have probably seen the 108 year old in various rolls on TV and in the movies.


Me, I was busy catching up with acting ‘Captain Ali’ who was just completing his first week as the Hallaig’s skipper. Must be the first Calmac skipper with a bun hey Smile Still ‘fair play’ to Mr MacInnes, it is for cancer sufferer wigs.

 P1150054 P1150058 P1150061

Raasay’s newest arrival was this serious 490ton workboat the MV Volt Processor Norwegian flagged and probably crewed and built judging by her immaculate condition and build quality.

Not dark yet

That was it really,

 P1150062 P1150063 P1150064

couple of Bambi’s on the way home and some beautiful raspberries for my son’s muesli in the morning.

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