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November 18, 2018

The warmest place in Britain :-)

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OK, it wasn’t actually Raasay right enough but it was pretty close, Kinlochewe, is only 22 nautical miles away ‘as the crow flies’.


Whilst Raasay was getting battered by a seasonal and ‘un forecast’ southerly gale that reaches storm force at times, on the 14th November, Kinlochewe was a blistering 17.6 degrees!!! the warmest place in Britain!!! Sure it was up to 15 degrees here at the Raasay Ferry Terminal when were ‘storm bound’ for a few hours too. XC Weather, the BBC and just about everyone else getting the forecast spectacularly wrong, a breezy 24knot day being predicted with gusts of gale force being the general consensus amongst the experts. What actually arrived was a steady 40knots with gusts of over 50 even 60 on one occasion.


Cancelling sailings on Thursday had been not even been considered, contemplated or even thought about but by 10:45, with the wind rapidly increasing and the tide high, skipper decided to ‘knock it on the head’ for an hour or two. One thing all the forecasts had agreed on was that it wasn’t going to last very long. Just as well cos ‘Darling wife’ was stuck at Sconser with the dugs and she was due at the Raasay Distillery come 14:00.

P1140294  P1140303 P1140302

Though we were not the only ones ‘caught out’, Raasay’s Lustre headed in early and just in time. Donald rounded Goat Island just after we tied up and from the warmth of the wheelhouse on Hallaig we watched him expertly find the only bit of flat water between wind and tide.

P1140307 P1140308 P1140310

Whereupon he skilfully brought her about, manned the outside helm and parked the Lustre ‘nice as you like’ astern of us.

P1140311 P1140312 P1140313

By 14:30, with the tide falling and the wind abating somewhat we were back ‘on the run’.

Just like summer but no midge Smile

Saturday night now and what a day it’s been, as good as any in the summer but shorter and minus the tourists and midge Smile I left the house this morning just after 6:00AM, with Orion watching over Portree, the Plough behind me and Venus shining brightly to the east. The sky was as clear as I’ve seen yet it was 12 degrees outside!!!!!!

P1140331 P1140333 P1140337

By 9:00am the sun was high enough to clear Scalpay and the Creachan Mor was out clam diving under the cliffs at Braes. The incoming tide would be sweeping the divers nicely south eastwards along its edge, I remember it well Smile

The fine spell even saw me bringing out the paintbrush on deck and almost going ‘snow blind’ and getting ‘sunstroke’ at the same time Smile I kid you not it has been beautiful here and looks ‘set fair’ for a week at least.

DSCN1529 DSCN1530

Bit different to the first day back (Wednesday) when poor Hector and his ‘sidekick’ were getting drowned building his new takeaway and bunkhouse. Hope he does a good mocha and bacon sandwich Smile

The tourist trade may have fallen off somewhat but it’s fantastic to see all these signs of the commercial activity that will keep the island alive.

P1140326 P1140327 P1140330P1140338

The articulated lorry from MacArthur delivering barley to the Raasay distillery, a huge stack of fish boxes, ropes and wire on the pier for the fishermen, Creachan Mor working clams near the Penfold Rock and of course Sconser fish farm’s workboat Beinn Fhadda.  As we left the Hallaig last night with Orion the hunter  just appearing over Raasay,


Well ‘that’s it’, it took me three days to write that! it’s 7:00am now 8 degrees outside and the sky is crystal clear. Orion was staring in through the bedroom window this morning and it’s gonna be another scorcher Smile

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