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December 7, 2021

Back to work :-)

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Golly gosh, it’s Tuesday again Surprised smile more to the point it’s the second Tuesday so I’ll be back on the Hallaig in a few hours time Smile Methinks I must really be missing being married cos I’m actually looking forward to it Smile First off though I’ll have to go into Portree to get fuel and shopping for the ‘fortnight on’. Think I must be getting ‘cabin fever’ cos I’m looking forward to that too Surprised smile Didn’t think I’d ever see myself saying that. First off though I need to finish off wiring up a ‘diversion load’ for my back up system in der Bunker to stop my batteries boiling during my absence. Being at home I’ve been able to keep an eye on them and switch loads on manually when the batteries get full to prevent them over charging. Or turn the dehumidifier off if there’s been a long spell of no wind, not that that happens much here in winter.

Load diversion

When charging batteries via wind, hydro or solar it’s essential to have some kind of regulation to prevent them overcharging. This is normally done using some kind of charge controller that reduces the input to the batteries as they get charged. Now with solar it is quiet easy to simple turn the charge rate down by turning down the input. With a wind or hydro turbine it’s not quite so straight forward as reducing the input reduces the load and therefore causes you turbine to speed up. This in turn will cause most turbines to spin too fast and very quickly go into ‘melt down’ either electrically or mechanically. So to prevent damage to your very expensive turbine the load must be kept on it as the chare rate is reduced. This is why we need to fit a Diversion load controller like the Morningstar TS45 that is capable of gradually diverting the incoming charge into a load that will dissipate the excess energy as heat, either into a simple air resistor or an immersion heater to heat water. As all my immersion heaters are currently in use I went for the air heater option choosing a position in the Bunker just below the inlet for my air source heat pump. Hopefully any excess heat produced will then make my heat pump work less.

  P1200017 P1200019

Attaching the powerful resistor I’d found to the steel box that already houses a 6kW heat dump for my larger wind turbine. Though that only operates in the event of a power cut or electrical failure.

Apart from that my main task of the day was fastening some timbers to the gable end of the Schoolhouse.

 P1200014 P1200015 P1200016

My Pal’s having been busy yesterday fitting the rafters to the framing.

So that’s it ‘I’m off’ it’s 7:45 and I’ve a heap of stuff to do before going into town and back to work. Unlike the previous two mornings it is still pitch black outside, perhaps a prelude to storm Barra? Though I gotta say I’d be very surprised to see an easterly gale this afternoon and even more surprised if the ferry didn’t run. 

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