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December 5, 2021

Saturday night at the movies :-)

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It’s after 8:00am now and I’m just having my first strong black coffee, not the first thing I do when I get up, that’s take my BP before the caffeine elevates it Smile Anyway I’m did what normal people do on a Sunday and had a lie in, though if I’m honest that was more due to the vast quantities of alcohol I consumed last night than any desire on my part to have a rest. I’ve a pretty ‘full on’ day ahead of me, the forecast is good and already the day is shaping up to be a good one.

Sun P1190991

It’s not quite 8:30 and it is almost daylight Surprised smile


Pretty much the whole day was spent over at Torran working on the ‘lean too’ with my Pal, he’d come over on the Mule when it was a pretty miserable morning. The pishing rain having been relentless through the night. However once we’d loaded up the gear taken it over to Torran, set it up and gone inside for an even stronger black coffee, by the time we got stuck in it wasn’t a bad day.

P1190986 P1190987

After much mixing, drilling and sawing we’d got as much done as we could and around 3:30 with dug and pig feeding time approaching we called it a day.

P1190989 P1190988

We loaded up the Mule and I went home for a shower


after of course feeding everyone Smile

Then it was time to return to the Torran Cinema to watch an excellent film projected onto the schoolroom wall Smile

McCullin documentary.jpg

Not an easy watch but a hard hitting and honest portrayal of the stories behind some of the often brutal images of the 60’s, 70,s and 80,s taken by Sunday Times photojournalist Don McCullin. Many of which defined the era that I grew up in, my father being an avid reader of the Sunday Times before Murdoch got his hands on it. Who can forget the Bravo company US marine with the ‘thousand yard stare’ or the many brutal images of Biafra, Lebanon, the Congo and closer to home Northern Ireland. Perhaps I’m just a certain age, I guess most people have never heard of Biafra, even I had to Google it but for a short period of my childhood it’s tragic famine was headline news.

And on that cheery note I’m gonna walk the dogs, yup, even Molly today Smile

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