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December 4, 2021

Time for a diversion

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Golly gosh, I was pretty reluctant to get out of bad this morning as the rain battered just about every window in the house Surprised smile Thirteen of my twenty triple glazed windows being power washed by good blasting from the south one minute and then the other seven getting a dose from the north east seconds later.


With virtually the entire weather map a dark and very wet green Sad smile


The bottom graph shows the bizarre and often sudden changes of direction The actual forecast being  for it to now remain in the north for the rest of the day. Just as well for what I’m planning for today’s project which will be a welcome diversion from work in der Bunker Smile

Diversion loads Smile

Friday arrived well after 8:30am, sure it may well begin officially much earlier but it isn’t day proper until I can see what I’m doing outdoors without a torch! Roll on the shortest day, my next fortnight off starts on the afternoon of the 21st the winter Solstice 2021 Smile I can’t wait Smile

So as the day brightened Bonzo and I went to feed the pigs then walked over to Torran to light the fire and turn on the heating for my Pal who was on his way.

P1190958 P1190956


With the fire lit we went and turned his hydro turbine up a notch.


The ‘Harris Hydro’ turbine that we fitted many years ago has been reliably producing electricity since 2008 . With this one having three different size nozzles so you can vary the output.

P1190963 P1190964 P1190965 

With the house having been empty for the best part of a month the turbine had been left on the lowest setting around 150W, more than enough to keep fridges, freezers and base load covered. Now it was time to switch on the central heating and lights it was time to turn it up to the second nozzle which gives around 360W.

P1190962 P1190966

Obviously the larger nozzle uses more water as can be seen by the outlet.

After that Bonzo and I walked to Arnish to track Callum the Kubota up to our neighbours wind turbine,


Bonzo introducing himself to the new cat next door, shortly before cat went for him Smile


Whereupon he was confined to Callum Smile

The plan being to lower next doors Proven on Sunday and fit some new springs as one has broken.

P1190971 P1190970

Then it was back home for lunch after which I started looking at a diversion load to protect my bunker batteries.

P1190984 P1190981 P1190979

With my small wind turbine now happily charging the large 900Ah 48V battery bank in der Bunker I figured it was time to protect them from overcharging as AC coupling the wind turbine via the Outback inverter does not allow for regulation of the charging. This has not been a problem so far cos I’m at home and can regulate it easy enough by turning the dehumidifier on, off, up or down. However an automatic form of regulation is obviously required for Tuesday when I go back to work and I’ve decided to use a TriStar charge controller set to divert excess energy into a heating load, all I need to do now is look through my many large resistors and find one suitable. Watch this space Smile  It’s 8:30, almost light and time to feed the pigs.

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