Life at the end of the road

December 3, 2021

More windy woes :-)

It had been another breezy night on Wednesday with both turbines working away filling my batteries and doing what they should. The only problem being that the smaller 3.2kW turbine was still making too much power for my Outback 3.0kW inverter to handle and had once more started rejecting the input form the Aurora 3.6kW GTI (grid tied inverter). This was despite me cutting back it’s output the other day by altering the parameters of the GTI with my laptop and the Aurora Installer software .

In itself this was no big deal for the whole Outback system is just a back up for the main SMA based system that’s been keeping the lights burning at Sonas since 2015 but I’d like to have it sorted. Unfortunately by the time Thursday morning arrived the wind had gone and unless the Aurora is powered up you can’t program it Sad smile Sure I did make up a lead years ago that you could plug into a 13A socket and it had a small rectifier on the end which allowed you to power up the inverter using the DC output.


Dubbed my ‘Widow Maker’ for obvious reasons I don’t think I have ever actually used it Smile

The wind may have departed but it left in its wake a cold sleety covering on the ground

 P1190940 P1190941 (2)

and a bitter chill in the air.

Not that that bothered Bonzo or the pigs who were as always desperate for their morning walk, feed and fight in that order Smile The wee daft dug has taken to trying to steal the sow rolls from Marmalade, Spotty and Jiffy with hilarious results Smile

P1190942 P1190943

Our joint bounce through the bracken and sleet saw us arrive at the other side of the valley where

P1190944 P1190945

the herd of pigs had also been. Their trademark craters pockmarking the roadside and birch wood floor like shell holes from a miniature bombardment  of small artillery.

 P1190948 P1190949

When a breeze of wind finally arrived after lunch and once the Aurora inverter was powered up I connect up my laptop and started communicating with it. The first thing that I noticed was that the wind table curve was not the one I’d modified but the original one I’d attempted to overwrite Sad smile I must have pressed the wrong key the day before and reinstalled the original table. As I’ve said on many occasions “I am not of the computer age” and this stuff doesn’t come naturally to one who is used to fixing things with a hammer rather than computer Smile Anyway despite having saved the wind table I’d already made the other day I decided I’d program another reducing the max power even further from 2.5kW down to 2.2kW. It would do no harm and would hopefully give me more much needed practice with the software.


Having said that I see from the display this morning that the peak power generated was 2.4kW, I’m guessing this is just due to the blade momentum as the output is clipped and diverted. Or perhaps I’ve installed the wrong table, hmmmm, we’ll see.

The spinach frittata

I had a visit from a chap ‘bearing gifts’ the other day, spinach from the community garden. Now I don’t think I’ve ever bought spinach myself before but my mum used to make a frittata with the stuff that was quite nice so I thought I’d give it a go. Mind you she used to make one with nettles too but that always left my mouth feeling numb Smile Of course I Googled it and came up with something which I loosely followed despite not having any peppers, cottage cheese or fresh tomatoes and only four eggs.

P1190950 P1190951

Still, I did have black olives, halloumi and sundried tomatoes and despite it’s rather charred appearance, (Barbara phoned me Smile ) it was absolutely delicious.

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