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November 27, 2021

Big burger weather :-)

Well, I hope everyone is OK cos judging by the weather warnings I heard on the radio yesterday storm Arwen was due to create some chaos, on the east coast at least. Whilst here on Raasay at least one tree came down near the Raasay Distillery last night it didn’t seem any worse than an average winter gale. Certainly, if my weather station is to be believed the wind only averaged 20kmh with a few gusts around 60kmh. Right enough it was from the northerly quarter so with it’s full force square onto my gable end I was glad of the triple glazing, especially when the occasional hail shower accompanied the gusts.

P1190738 (2) P1190737 (2)

With my first concern being all the wind going to waste due to last night’s power cut which had caused me to disconnect the wind turbine inverter to restore power. Luckily the Proven, Kingspan, SD Wind turbines I operate are quite capable of running unloaded, even in a gale (storm) due to their robust downwind design. Consequently I was keen to walk Bonzo so I could have a look at my turbine. He wasn’t caring about whether I had power or not so as soon as it was light we went out. Feeding the pigs on the way, who were equally nonplussed by the weather.

P1190720 P1190721

Me, I’m a whimp so we chose a route that took is through the woods and the overgrown ruins of an old shelter and back around to the rear of my croft.

P1190723 P1190724

Whereupon we met Marmalade, Spotty and Jiffy just finishing off breakfast.


Not so serious Smile

The fist job, just soon as I’d put on a fresh pot of coffee and demolished my muesli was to try and harness the wind once more. There was plenty of it, it was steady and from the best direction. A good ‘clean’ wind coming straight off the sea contains far more energy than one slowed down by land and obstacles.


So, being under the impression that my 6kW inverter had failed I set about connecting my Aurora 3.2kW inverter into my grid in its place. Sure this wouldn’t produce as much power as the 6kW SMA but at least it would harness something from all that lovely wind.

Once the Aurora was ready to be connected into my grid I found the real problem.

P1190728 P1190729

The ‘magic smoke’ smell had not been coming from the 6kW inverter at all but from a selector switch below it. I was overjoyed and pi553d off at the same time. Happy cos not only had I found the fault but also my 6kW inverter was OK. I’d convinced myself it was faulty back in August when I kept getting a random earth light fault on the inverter, now it looked like this was the cause all along. The sustained high winds of the previous night being to much for the poor connection inside the switch. Lucky there wasn’t a fire Sad smile Peed off with myself for not noticing it when I came outside in my pyjamas at 4:30 in the morning.


Still, at least I had some power whist I affected a repair.


Though there was much more once I got the 6kW back online Smile

A bit of a boost

With ‘normality restored’ on the power front I turned my attention to the ‘Old Girl’ figuring I’d have a go at tweaking the Bosch VE injector pump to perhaps give a little extra fuel to match the increased boost pressure provided by my ‘improved’ intercooler. Having read much about the various ways you can increase the fuel delivery to improve performance I though I’d give it a go. After all I could always return the settings back to normal if it was too thirsty or smoky.

Not wanting to try anything radical I figured a good starting point would be the boost pin rotation, after all I could always turn it back if unhappy with it.

This plunger with the tapered end can be rotated slightly to add more fuel under boost pressure. As the turbo spins up the pressure within the manifold increases pressing the diaphragm and plunger downwards, a pin that rests on the taper is then actuated that increases the fuel delivery when the turbo is operating. As the taper on the plunger is offset you can increase or decrease the fuel delivery by rotating it.

P1190744 P1190747

So, last night, before being driven indoors by the complaining dugs, inclement weather, dark and a desire to eat I marked the diaphragm and rotated the pin about 90 degrees.

The ‘big burger’

Leaving road testing for today I set about making a big burger, it’s much easier than making individual ones and my potions of venison are just single person sized in the freezer. I just chopped up half an onion, a couple of garlic cloves, a handful of black olives, mixed it in with my portion of mince and slowly fried it.

  P1190748 P1190749

Served up with steamed shrooms, beans, broccoli and roast sweet potato it filled a hole Smile Perhaps a few bits of chopped up halloumi added in the mix next time Winking smile

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